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There are also some other 3.99 or less albums available today, but the Once album was at the cheapest its been according to CamelCamelCamel. The above link will take you to Amazon's movers and shakers.


Saw Once: The Musical about 2 weeks ago for my birthday. With Arthur Darvill (yes, Rory from Dr. Who) as lead (Guy), it was the single most incredible theater-going experience I've ever had, and will likely ever have.

Oh, and I ate at Sardi's before the show. Sat at the same table where Stanley Tucci was 48 hours prior. My bro works on Broadway and has to see shows up to 5 times a week. What an awful job he has. :)


@bmw66x : Poor fella.
@swupetey05 : Thanks for the link. . . picked up Matisyahu's Youth for $2.99.