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Buyer be warned: BudK merchandise is complete crap and their customer service will not stand behind their products.


@dslocum: I've ordered from them several times & never had any issue with the quality of their products (relative to the price). I can't attest to their customer service as I've never had reason to deal with them. Can you please be more specific as to what problems you had with them?


I too have bought from them and had no complaints. Don't expect a Ka-Bar quality knife for $9.99 - but do expect a decent knife at a good price. I'll certainly be taking advantage of this one!


I'm a little hesitant to buy from a company that puts so much Nazi memorabilia and Rebel Flag crap front and center in their catalog. (Yes, this means that I've ordered from them before)

I mean, I understand that the skinhead/inbred market segments exist, and buy a lot of sharp things to threaten/use on minorities, but it still feels a little skeezy ordering from the same place, now that I know that they see no reason to distance themselves from that kind of thing, as a merchant.


@talesin: I'd never buy the Nazi stuff myself, but there are a lot of WWII collectors who aren't skinheads. Would you have the same problem if they offered a bunch of Japanese Rising Sun memorabilia? I really hope you weren't calling people who purchase Confederate memorabilia "inbred" as I've knew quite a few southerners when I was in the service & many of them lost relatives during that war. No matter how misguided it was, they fought and died for their country & I see no problem with ancestors wanting to honor their memory.


@bunnyb0y: I had an uncle who wisely said "If they're proud to have lost the war, let them have their flag."

Sorry, but I don't think that your argument that "many of them lost relatives in that war" really holds water. It's not as if the war was last year. It was over 100 years ago and I doubt that any of the people you met personally knew anyone who died in that war. It's possible, but unlikely that their grandparents knew anyone who died in that war. I agree that for some people, the confederate flag means more than hatred and racism, but they are a minority. It's a hateful symbol (just as much as the nazi flag or rising sun) and should be treated as such.


@purplefeather: Agreed, symbols meanings change over time. While, yes, at one point the Confederate flag was used to epitomize southern pride and rebellion, these days its typically a symbol of minority oppression. The south has a lot of good qualities, they don't call it "southern hospitality" for nothing; so why get behind something that stands for racism?


@bunnyb0y: "I'd never buy the Nazi stuff myself, but there are a lot of WWII collectors who aren't skinheads"
Are you suggesting that someone who is a WWII collector would be interested in this Chinese replica crap to add to their collection? I don't think so,not a chance. I can't think of any symbol of hate that comes even close to the swastika.Budk has a right to sell this nazi trash I guess and I have a right to not deal with a company that sells it.


@nanaejt: I agree and doubt a serious collector would be shopping at Budk. Since I don't collect such things myself I don't know how difficult it is to get original or well made replicas, my guess is that it would be more in line for hobbyists. I will disagree with your blank statement about the Swastika as it is still used and respected by millions of Native Americans and many religions & cultures around India. I know that the symbol on the Budk stuff is in reference to the Nazi's use of it (which was horrific) but as someone of mixed nationalities/heritage it annoys me when people casually insult the Swastika without knowing its historic & current usage. To me it would be the same as saying that the Crucifix is a symbol of hate and anyone using is was evil because of the Spanish Inquisition or the crusades. Just my 2 cents...


@bunnyb0y: Last I checked the crucifix is a symbol of hate... there's good reason organizations like the "Red Cross" aren't called that a few dozen countries.

A better comparison would be something like the Iron Cross which now more people have gone back to using for it's original association than they have for it's Nazi association so is a better comparison to things like the confederate flag which is widely used simply as a symbol of pride as well as being used by hate groups. The Swastika it mostly depends where you are how it's used in most asian, island, and native groups it's used as a symbol of peace and tranquility whereas throughout Europe and the US it's used as a symbol for the Aryan Nation. Many people who aren't part of any real groups and hold no real feelings about it are simply WWII buffs you can look at the sheer popularity of WWII games, movies, and series such as Band of Brothers. WWII is easily the most popular war of all time so people collect things from it.