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My friends swear this is the best of the MI series. I'm thinking to just go ahead and get it, not having seen it.


@mellielou: 4 is certainly good, but it just didn't stand out to me like 1 and 3 did (and we'll just ignore 2 for the purposes of this discussion). 1 had the hanging-from-the-ceiling scene and 3 had the bridge-attack scene; I guess 4 had the scaling-the-tower-scene, but it just didn't have the same kind of "oomph" as the others.


I won't buy DVDs from Best Buy online anymore, since they didn't honor their Black Friday online sales (paid online, but received an email months later saying they're out of stock and won't fulfill). There are enough other retailers out there that do the right thing, that I won't waste time on those that fail to do the right thing. Great price though. I'm guessin' Amazon will have it for the same price within 6 months.