dealshp elite hpe h8-1090t i7-990x 6 core 3.46ghz 12gb…


WTF .. 1.5 KUSD for a refurb!?!?! You can certainly build a system to trump that for less.

Also, there are a ton of internal inconsistencies in their listing.... I would consider this a strong "do not buy."

Stunning visuals with high-end AMD discrete graphics
3GB dedicated NVIDIA GeForce GT 440 [DVI, HDMI. VGA]

See? And that's just one...

(Sorry, Kevin. Nothing personal, but this just has too many issues to be a good deal.)


It is kind of hard to believe that HP would put a $1050 i7 extreme unlocked CPU in a computer with an H series motherboard (no overclocking) and some crappy GT 440 video card. I agree, this seems fishy. But I did find this super long link that shows they did make this computer with those specs.


@eraten: Yeah, but it cites AMD and NVidia both as GPU vendors, that's inherently bogus.