dealsmini harmonica keychain for $0.99 + free shipping


$.99 harmoinca? Oh yeah. I'm in for that:X!


The only option for shipping for me is $9.45


@starfawkes: where do you live? for me it's showing up as:

Ground Service $0.00
Ground Expedited Service $1.99


The free shipping takes 2-3 weeks or its just 1.99 for 10 Business days. I got a couple anyways so 1.99 for shipping wasn't that big of a deal.


Wow. I paid $15 for a necklace version at Aldo. This is why I don't like IRL shopping anymore...


in for a couple, these look cool.


sweet deal here but I'm a little torn. the beautiful sound of this harmonica will definitely be contending with the nagging voice of my girlfriend telling me how keys only come second to escalator rails in terms of dirt and bacteria. lol

eff it. I'm in for 2!


For those that bought more than 1:

The coupon only seems to be taking off $1 total, no matter how many I have in my cart. I'd love a whole pile of them for stocking stuffers- and my cheapskate blood balks at $2 a piece.

Is there some trick I'm missing to get more than 1 for $0.99?


So if I accidentally swallow it, the key ring will make it easier to fish it out.


@benstiles: No, you've grasped it well. It's meant to draw new customers, without giving everything away.
I'm in for it! I've always had instruments I couldn't play, but now I can carry one in case I have an impromptu Don "No Soul" Simmons moment.