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@rlapid2112: I can't explain it. I used "Woot This Deal" to generate the listing, and the link goes to the intended page. Maybe some people have a weird idea of what would attract someone to a men's clothing sale.


@gertiestn: I was trying to be (a little) funny; it didn't work, i guess. :-(


I just did some clothes shopping this weekend, and these sale prices honestly don't look terribly great. I think the most I paid for a $60 shirt was $20, and I got one perfectly good $35 shirt for $3 (hooray for clearance).

Maybe people have brand loyalty though.


I get two free pants and 4 shirts a year (via work) from landsend, I like the fabric of the shirts a lot. and The pants are comfy, and stain resistant. If I didnt just get my work order in, I would be looking at this deal.


@rlapid2112: Naw, I had the kind of day yesterday when absolutely nothing, NOTHING was funny. It had nothing to do with you that I overlooked the humor, and if I seemed a tad prickly, it's because I was. :-D Thanks.