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The Mr. Beer kit is horrible. If you are passionate about beer, get a legitimate beer brewing set up. If you are not passionate about beer, keep drinking what you're drinking.


While I agree that what you get from Mr. Beer is marginally acceptable (and sometimes less than that), you do get an opportunity to learn how beer is made and decide if buying a real kit is worth it to you. Yeah, it's not for purists, but it's OK for a beginner - as long as you realize that doing it with better equipment and ingredients will give you a far superior product.


Buy this instead:
Beginning home brew kit, $70, plus the Great Pumpkin Ale, $24 with yeast. Chop up a pie pumpkin, lightly brown in the oven and add to the wort. You'll get about 50 bottles of the best pumpkin beer you've ever tasted.