dealsslumberjack emergency cot (new) for $39.99


I have a cot that's not this particular model, but it has come in handy more times than I'd have imagined. Aside from extra guests at your house or too many guests at family's houses during the holidays, taking it on a car camping trip [where you just drive straight up to the campsite and start your hikes from there] has been an unexpectedly nice application.


Slumberjack... is like sleepwalking except instead of walking around you are hand starting the one-eyed yogurt thrower?


my friend borrows my cots all the time for roller derby guests when there are tournaments in town.. the home teams offer visiting derby teams a place on people's floors, like traveling musicians networks do.. the people who draw the lucky stick to stay at his place are always ecstatic to have cots, when expecting floor space. I have camp pads to make them soft and cushy... suitcases or duffle bags slide under the cot; perfect for hosing guest in small spaces.

Moral of the story; great for guests!!!


I ordered this cot when it was last offered by woot. I've used it a few times so far, and I'm pleased with it. Obviously it's not as comfortable as a bed (or a nice couch), but it's far better than just sleeping on the floor. Also, camping.


Perfect for your local homeless person.


I'm glad they finally have a cheap Cot that can hold use fat people too. Most cheap cots I come across have a 225 or 250lb weight limit. Which I can not use.


I ordered a couple of these from Woot. After replacing several airbeds which seem to fail after only a few uses, thought we'd try the cot-route. My kids like 'em. I like 'em ... for a temporary bed.

They seem pretty sturdy, and comfortable. They are pretty heavy, though, and, for whatever reason, I've not been able to properly install the end bars. I can attach them to the frame, and I can fit them through the fabric, but I can't do both at the same time. Feels like the fabric is about 1/2" too short. Despite that, the cots seem to function fine (I simply attach the end bars to the frame to at least provide structural support).


Got two of these from woot, one stays at home and one stays in the car. Fell asleep on one when first testing it out; used one for a few nights this past weekend, nicer than a couch. In short: comfortable cot, stows just a bit larger than those fold-up tailgating chairs.


@macsurety: Yeah, it can be quite tough to secure the second bar. It's certainly doable, but I was a bit sore and fatigued when I finally succeeded (and I'm pretty fit).


Just bought one. If these things are anything like the ones I had to live on for a year in Afghanistan, then they'll be perfect for my occasional camping trips. Nearly anything will beat the ground or the gurney I was fortunate enough to sleep on while I was in Sadr City-Baghdad. I'll be sure to let you all know how it goes with this one.


I used these when I was stationed in 29 Palms during my 7 years in the Marine Corps. They are incredibly comfortable and they dry quickly if liquids spill on the fabric.

If you wash the fabric, just hang dry so it doesn't's a tight fit as other posters mentioned.


The end bar installation is a problem for me too. I got one from here a few months back and used it this weekend. I had a very tough time getting the end bars on-the right way. I may have bent the holes a little trying to pull them on. I looked online to see if there was a trick to it or if I was doing something wrong; I wasn't. I loosened both end bars and then tried one side of each end bar at a time and was able to do it. I assume as the fabric stretches it will get easier. I hope.

Other than that, it is sturdy and as they say, squeak free.


Sold out. :(
And be careful with the weight limit. That's suggested. They still break well under the limit, we use them at the summer camp I work at.


cheap and handy for those drunk brother in-laws that never leave.....


I was hoping with aluminum frame it would be very light. It weighs 16 pounds, or about the weight of 2 gallons of milk.


BACK UP! Get the few remaining while you can!


@brutherford: I'm always just too late...stupid work...though without the job I couldn't afford wootstuffs...