dealsfeather hi-stainless platimum double edge razor…


If you don't mind waiting for them, you can find a deal on eBay for $29.99 for these while it lasts........they ship 3 days after payment received and said up to 30 days after that.


Here is the eBay deal if you want to see it. It looks like a good deal, not sure about the service if you have any problems, but it is a great price for these.


Yay for more blade deals! I got my 50 from your previous deal on Amazon and I'm waiting to use some 7 O'Clock Yellows before I move on to the Feathers.

I usually stick with Amazon, but thanks for posting the eBay link. I always have a hard time remembering what the deals.woot rules are with eBay vendors.


@drfaulken: I haven't tried those yet, but will keep them in mind. I like the feathers when I can find them on sell, and agree with the Amazon comment!

I bought mainly off of ebaY, until Amazon started the free shipping with over $25 orders. I like that better, but hope Amazon sticks with UPS, as I've had some problems when they have used Lasership!


@drfaulken: Should I not have included the ebaY link?