deals115gb ssd for $90.00


Maximum sequential read speed 280 Mbps
Maximum sequential write speed 270 Mbps

Flat Rate Shipping: $8.00

No resellerreatings reviews:

Registrant Name: Anshuman Gupta
Registrant Organization: StrontiumTechnology Pte. Ltd
Registrant Address1: 178 Paya Lebar Road
Registrant Address2: 06-01
Registrant City: Singapore
Registrant State/Province: Singapore
Registrant Postal Code: 409030
Registrant Country: Singapore
Registrant Country Code: SG
Registrant Phone Number: +65.68487947
Registrant Facsimile Number: +65.68415294
Registrant Email:


The Flat Rate shipping is for Singapore only. For other locations, it depends on fedex rates to that particular location


@strontiumdotbiz: I tried to figure out the shipping but was unwilling to provide all the details necessary to get that calculated. So how much is shipping to USA, Florida, 32073?


@cengland0 The Fedex shipping charge for the postal code you mentioned will come to $30.50. The total order cost for one piece will be $120.50.
You can put in your details to check for yourself. I just checked based on postal code only


Then this isn't that good of a deal. Here's one:

That is for a 128gb from an American company for $109.99 and free shipping.


Its upto you sir. But our Gamma SSD has been rated The Best Price/performance ratio SSD of SATA2 128GB BY DramExcahnge. You can check for details and decide yourself... Just wanted to share this deal to all


@strontiumdotbiz: That was interesting reading from an interestingly unknown-to-me website.

I looked up the same ratings through a more common website (Toms Hardware) and your drive isn't mentioned even in the top 10 best drives for the money:,3184.html


@strontiumdotbiz: Also, if Speed versus price is your concern, for $133 shipped, you can get an OWC drive:

Sustained Reads: 556MB/s
Sustained Writes: 523MB/s

That sort of blows your specs out of the water by doubling both the read and write speeds.

Yours: 115gb for $120.50 = $1.05 per gb
OWC: 120gb for $133 = $1.11 per gb

Conclusion: I'd rather pay $12.50 more to get this from a known company to have a drive with higher capacity and double the specs. OWC also has a "No Risk, No Hassle 30-Day Money Back Guarantee."


@cengland0 its only upto you to decide which is best for you and buy. But I just wanted to share my deal with you people. thats all. By the way, DRAMeXchange is a world leading DRAM and NAND Flash market research firm, with more than a decade of most authoritative database. The rating from them do have some value in market.