dealsbuy playon lifetime and get a free roku hd


Lifetime cost is 90 bucks, but there are no fees after that (at least from what I read). You also need to "share" the deal on Facebook to get the free Roku. Not that hard, but just a FYI.


I already got suckered into one PlayOn "Lifetime" license...
Then they renamed "PlayOn" to "PlayOn Basic" and demanded a new monthly fee for the "new" "PlayOn". Now they seem to be pulling the same thing again...


Play-on is the real deal. Probably the cheapest way to kill cable. Roku is great too, but Play-on works on wii, PS3, Xbox, etc.


From what I have read about this PlayOn service, its a service that does what your Roku is supposed to do, and they give you a Roku for it?


Not to mention, "PlayOn and Roku make for a simple-to-use replacement to your expensive cable or satellite."

"2 HBO GO, TBS, and ESPN3 are available for participating ISP's only. May require a cable subscription to access online content. "

Thats kind of funny right there.


An everyday offer IS NOT A DEAL! Why does this junk keep appearing on deals? Keep these ads to where they belong, in the advertising boxes. REQUIRE those who wish to have their products featured on deals to actually OFFER A DEAL for wooters.

If there are no deals, there is no reason for Deals to exist.


As for sharing to Facebook, click on that little sun icon at the bottom of the screen, and choose 'only me.' That way, no one has to see the spam. (Works great for a lot of apps that decide that they can just post away.)


I got PlayOn and the Roku LT a month ago for $10 less, no shipping fee, and didn't have to post on F-book. This "deal" includes the HD model for a $9.99 shipping fee, which is still a fair "deal". If you get this "deal", which seems to be available frequently, make sure to keep the license key in a safe place, since the program needs to be downloaded your computer. You can also make a copy of the program, which may be needed in the future.


playon basic (which is what it turns into once the trial runs out, gives you the biggest single thing you need to make a roku full of awesome.)

seamless local media streaming to any roku box in the house.

Still, if you don't have a roku already and want to support a good program, this is a good deal.


Used PlayOn but never liked it. It just never worked right. I would just go out and buy a Roku XS for main living room and an HD for spare bedroom. use Plex to stream stuff from my PC and use RateRix to view YouTube videos.

In fact that's exqactly what I did, and I'm very happy with this setup.


I purchased a lifetime PlayOn years ago and used it very rarely. Back when I bought it though there were not a bunch of streaming options. These days there are all sorts of alternatives...


"while supplies last". hahahahahahaha


I also got the lifetime program a while back. What they did is that, in essence, all the features I signed up for will be free for as long as I like, but then they added new features that were not part of the original plan, so I don't get those. I got it because it allowed me to stream hulu, for instance, to multiple devices (including my iPod Touch and PS3), without having to pay for hulu plus. It works, but is prone to lag and you can't fast forward to rewind well at all. It also is good for streaming your media to various devices, but there are other, free ways of doing that to nearly device (see the PS3 Media Server, for instance--not just for PS3, by the way).

Honestly, I hardly use the service anymore and would be more willing to go ahead and pay for hulu plus with a dedicated app or program on my tablet or PS3, if I wanted the service. This program is just a fancy hack to stream content.


Why not just buy a Roku and install PLEX?


@kingu: "Why does this junk keep appearing on deals?" Because there's a sucker born every minute. If it says "deal" it's GOT to be one, right?


About six months ago I started seeking out a solution to manage my media data as it was becoming a mess reaching over 12tb in size. I settled on two HP N50 micro proliant servers and then started testing different software to see which appealed to me. First piece of software was Windows Home Server however I was forced to install this on one of the drives opposed to my 32GB media stick so that pretty much turned me off from that product. I then decided to play with Play On which was a pretty easy double click and go piece of software.

However after stumbling onto unRAID for my OS I then stumbled onto Plex. Since I absolutely enjoy unRAID I wanted to find a media application compatible. Browsing unRAID forums lead me to Plex and although it might not be a turn key solution like Play on the capabilities and resource management (Play On definitely uses more resources).

Sorry for the long post but I figure I share my experiences over the last few months as this has been my focus.


Same deal with me on the PlayOn Lifetime being moved to PlayOn Basic. This company is NOT trustworthy.


I tried a few home streaming options. This one just worked the best for me. I bought a lifetime subscription a few weeks ago and got my roku in the mail like 3 days later. I tried plex, roksbox, and a few others. I had to jump through too many hoops to get them to work (converting all media to mp4, certain folder structures, etc).

I found that playon's support for content was better than other services. The UI is weak, but the number of stations, channels, and live content (through superusvox, for example), I found the tradeoffs in playon worth it.

It is annoying not being able to fast forward, but that has rarely been an issue. Very rarely do I not watch a show or movie from beginning to end. In the rare cases it comes up, I have started playon, hit paused, and waited for it to transcode for a bit until I could fast forward.

TL;DR: I've tried other services, with the result being I didn't feel confident that I could REALLY cancel Cable. With PlayOn, I think I'll kill cable.


Whatever they might do with the subscription model, I hope they leave mine alone. If they've only renamed it, fine. My PlayOn premium subscription cost a one time payment of $49 and no free Roku. I'm really tempted to get PlayLater Lifetime.

I like Plex a lot but it misidentifies a few of my titles. I use PlayOn on my Roku and although there is some overlap, there are a bunch of media sources it offers that Roku Channels do not. First and foremost, there is Hulu (the free one). You can also stream your own media with "LocalFiles" or "MyMedia".


I've liked my PlayOn service. I quit the cable company and got a Roku. But I wasn't happy because the Roku doesn't allow me to watch REGULAR Hulu. It only allows you to watch Hulu-Plus, and that is a subscription-based thing. I wanted to watch regular Hulu for free, so I could watch Daily Show and Colbert.

I bought the lifetime PlayOn, and now I watch Daily Show and Colbert to my heart's content. There is also some other decent free programming.

I was okay paying the one-time lifetime fee. I was trying to avoid paying any monthly subscriptions, like with Hulu-Plus or Netflix. That was my goal.

NOTE: be sure to check out the specs for PlayOn. You run it through another computer on your internet network. And I think it requires a relatively fast computer and decent internet speed.

It works for me, and allowed me to happily cut off my cable service.


They should run this for PlayLater.


@kingu: It's here because it's a sponsored item. In other words, it's advertising. Take it as such and don't let it disrupt your day.


@autryld: I absolutely agree with the labeling being sometimes incorrect regarding plex and my media. I will also admit that having to re-label all my media although became cumbersome was nice to finally organize my collection.

Plex appealed to me more so then Play On because I was in a situation previously where DSL was the only high speed connection available. Downloading at 150k and uploading at 50k pretty much killed any streaming desires I may had. This forced me to download and then watch which is probably why plex was more appealing to me then the other options out there. As for having to convert the media I have never had to do that and I have played everything from mkv, avi, divx, xvid, dvd's, bluray's, and so on. The only time I encountered an issue I googled it and immediately found a solution requiring me to change my audio.

Play On is a great turn key solution allows you to utilize the new methods of viewing media and not being some super computer savvy user.


@tasadek: O_o



Is it really free?


@teenracer6: Actually, PlayOn and Roku do have some overlap, but PlayOn has much more to offer than just the Roku alone.

And there are user created scripts that you can add for more channels.


@kingu: Since I just paid $130 for the same thing a month ago... I think that would make this a deal.


@teenracer6: "From what I have read about this PlayOn service, its a service that does what your Roku is supposed to do, and they give you a Roku for it?"

Not exactly. We have a similar device (WD Live TV), but the device does nothing without subscriptions to streaming services. (We subscribe to Hulu Plus, but we don't get CBS because they refuse to sign on to Hulu.) This is a service (well, software with a license) that culls networks' streaming videos (what you get at, for instance), and puts them on your TV via your computer.

Of course, you could do this with an A/V connection to your TV, or a media PC. But you're still watching shows through a browser. Hopefully this gives a more professional feel to it. I'm going to try the free trial when I get home tonight and see if it's worth it for us.


@syninthecity: I think it turns into Lite, not Basic.


@drakono: Exactly. I use it for How I Met Your Mother, Big Bang, 30 Rock (hulu), Simpsons (hulu). I find it absurd that, even though I pay $9/mo for Hulu, I can't watch everything. PlayOn bridges that gap and the user experience is much nicer. For a while we were plugging in a laptop to the TV to watch. That was cumbersome.

I'll likely drop my Hulu subscription now that I have this.


@drakono: I have cable so I honestly could care less about Roku and Playlive but thanks for the info anyway. Makes a little more sense now.


@tasadek: Thanks for mentioning Plex! Never heard of it before, but this looks like a great, free way to solve our CBS/Hulu problem!


@grexican: Do you get the shows as quickly with this as with Hulu? Doesn't it pull from their websites? I don't think the networks put full episodes of every show on the websites, and sometimes you have to wait a week. (At least, they used to do that. I don't know if they've moved away from that.)

I might go to this and drop Hulu if it's as good, but can't website changes break this? I looked at Plex, and they've had CBS broken for over a month because of a website change.


@drakono: you get it on the same schedule as the website it's pulling from. The moment it arrives on,, etc, it's available on PlayOn. So yea, not all shows have full episodes (but you'd be surprised at how many do). And sometimes you do wait. But for me that's never an issue because it's been so long since I've actually watched a TV show when it aired that I couldn't even tell you what shows are on what nights anymore. I have my choice shows that I browse for, and when I see something new, I watch it!

PlayOn, because you actually pay for it and there's a community around it, has fewer "broken" websites and shorter downtime in my experience thus far.

@ All, don't forget that PlayOn has a pretty solid marketplace for scripts -- many free, some not free (but often cheap and worth it). This was another selling point for me. The fact that scripts are continually upgraded and people are adding channels for even the most obscure websites made it a no-brainer for me.


Its sponsored that's why it's on the home page.


it says "netflix," but if that just the Roku being capable of netflix, or does the playon subscription include a paid netflix account?

$90 for a lifetime netflix isn't a bad deal, even if its JUST online streaming (no DVD in the mail).

Other than that, this deal isn't really worth it. 90+% of the content is already free at broadcast companies' websites.


Hey everyone, a couple of quick comments.

Most of the posts here are correct. PlayOn is a way to get streaming content that you can watch on your PC onto your TV very easily. For a list of the channels we support check out the link. A few of the channels do require you to have a cable subscription, but they also require that if you want to watch them on your PC; HBO GO, ESPN 3 and TBS I think. You are able to watch Hulu (without Hulu Plus), Comedy Central, PBS, and many more. We also have a channel store that allows you to get additional channels like HGTV, WB, and more for free.

Popular Science Magazine has named us a top innovation.

As for the move from PlayOn Basic to PlayOn Premium a couple of years ago. It was simply a release of a new product. Anyone that had a lifetime license for PlayOn Basic still has that license, it's still valid and all channels/features that were in the product when they bought still work for them.


@playonteam: Why are people so bummed out regarding them getting switched to PlayOn Basic? Are you saying they got grandfathered and that's all? What's the scoop?


Playon is the best thing since sliced bread, but not for the channels provided. Instead is the reason to use playon. There are scripts there that extend playon to integrate with other services. Checkout the tv-links and icefilms scripts


One thing I noticed here today is that there a lot of negative votes. It seems like people love it, hate it or don't understand it. I personally love it. Unless you don't know how PlayOn works, I don't know how you can't.


@fazleskhan: Thank's for the link's.

I am just about ready to give Cablevision "The Golden Boot".

They very happily gave me a $52. raise this month,

so out the door they and their equipment go !


@beerandt: according to the PlayOn site: "PlayOn Basic is no longer for sale." So that would mean that selling us this current lifetime license it is the premium?


I don't know why so many people are complaining about PlayOn basic. I think I paid $15 for the lifetime PlayOn basic license a couple of years ago. I still use it and it still does everything it did when I bought it. I can still watch Hulu, CBS, and Amazon VOD on my Xbox360. I would say that's a pretty good deal.


i dunno i did the lifetime thing a couple months ago got the free roku and love it and have since canceled my dish. i really recommend the project free tv channel has just about every show and movie you could think of


I have a playon basic lifetime subscription that I got for $5 a while back. I got it before Hulu+ existed and used it to stream Hulu, Netflix (pre-Netflix app) and several other sources to my PS3 and later my Xbox. For some reason now though, custom channels (i.e. those not developed by PlayOn) now say they are only available to Premium members on my Roku. PlayOn works, but its clunky. I gladly pay for Huly+ now even though I could still use my PlayOn subscription to stream Hulu without paying for Hulu+. Video quality is not good at the best of times and extremely poor often and navigation is a pain. If you are looking to cut the cord on the cheap though, PlayOn will get you there, so why not get a free Roku at the same time.


PlayOn is a scam. I paid for a lifetime license a few years ago which is now apparently no longer a lifetime license. I refuse to give them any more money. I don't think this service will be around much longer. The only way they survive is by cutting their own throats. They also spam the hell out of you after you sign up.


@doc362: According to PlayOn, those licenses simply got locked into the original feature set and the license model was renamed. You're supposed to have the same lifetime access as when you got it. License models change all the time. It stinks when you believe you were stung by it, though.

I have the lifetime license model called "PlayOn Premium" that cost me less than the current version named "Lifetime". I haven't compared the feature differences between the two (if any). I'm pretty satisfied with what I have so I probably won't.