dealssteam summer sale 2012, day 6


As a side note it looks like they put the whole Grand Theft Auto collection up for 75% off, which means you get all of the GTAs for $12.49


Indie Bundle VI (blegh):

- AAAAaaaaa.... for the Awesome!
- SpaceChem
- Ticket to Ride
- Trauma


I might have to grab Binary Domain. I would NEVER pay full price for it, but the demo was alright. Might be worth $10ish.

I'm also tempted to get Black Ops. Nazi zombies is absolutely awesome, but I've heard that online multiplayer is a lagfest. Anyone in here with recent experience with Black Ops? Was the lag an issue at first, but has been fixed??

Also, I REALLY wish Ticket to Ride were on sale by itself, instead of only part of the Indie Bundle. That board game is pretty great, I imagine the computer version is just as good.


@kikuichimoji: crazy enough, Ticket to Ride is the only one in the package that's NOT independently 50% off


I'd highly recommend Limbo as well. It's a really fun game with unique artwork. You may end up sitting there for an hour trying to figure out how to complete a puzzle or get to a secret spot. Easily worth $2.50.


Binary Domain is crap, not worth more than $5. Buggy controls, and a weird camera angles make it a poor console port to PC. On console it is not too bad at all. It's just not designed for keyboard and mouse and if I wanted to use a 360 controller to play I would use a 360.


@mazuko: Seriously? I just played the first 3 missions, and it felt just fine. The combat honestly handled almost the same as Mass Effect. What's wrong with the control scheme? Space bar to go forward in menus, and F to go back? The cover mechanics work well too. I only had one time when I was running, and it stuck me into cover unintentionally. The speech recognition thing was cool until the game wanted me to shout "CHAAAARRRRRGE!" at the top of my lungs.

It's obviously a console port, but not worth more than $5? I don't buy it. The only reason I quit playing was to come here and comment on it.

Maybe you're just a lot pickier than I am about games, but I was enjoying it. Remember what other game was a blatant console port with horrible controls (when it came out), lame graphics, and narrow field of view? Skyrim, and that game RULES.


@micro1331: Yeah I never played GTA so I figured for 12 bucks why the heck not right? SO I'm in for my only complaint to this sale (and the one at Christmas) is that twice a year I spend like $200 bucks on games.....damn you steam. :)

I should add it's actually nice to find some of those old FPS games like Quake and the Unreal Franchise as well as the old Duke Nukem and Wolfenstein games...etc. I played Quake II the other day after buying the ID pack and it kinda took me back to the 90's before I started getting my butt kicked by 9 year olds on-line.


Torchlight 1 is the community choice for $3.74. Way worth the price of admission.