dealsa dozen movies for $50.00 + free shipping


Cool sale. Just an FYI, every movie in there is DVD format, no blu-ray.

Nice selection of movies though. Good find.


$5.00 for DVDs not worth it. Buy used for less at gohastings.


@ibolling: Point is they are brand new with no scratches and no annoying price stickers on the covers that won't freaking come off no matter how hard you .... I'm ranting, sorry. To boot, there is a great selection to choose from.


@dummy1212: What is this Dee Vee Dee that you speek of?


@bigshtank: I'm with you! I think I have finally convinced the family that we aren't saving anything if the used DVD arrives scratched with little sticky finger prints all over it. I'd rather buy inexpensive new DVD's (or BluRay's) with a replacement guarantee.


Definitely a good deal....going through the list for 12 movies now


On the one hand no one can accuse WB of holding back the good stuff since there are many recent hits here, on the other hand most of these DVDs were 5.00 or 5.97
originally so the savings are minimal.


A great selection. but I could only find eight I really wanted. And as amazon wants $4.99 for them, I'd need the 12 to do better...


It's a good idea to keep in mind with sales like this to get DVDs without a lot of special effects, as those are best on Blu-ray.

I couldn't find 12 DVDs to order, but DEFINITELY check out their clearance section on DVDs and Blu-ray discs - many entire seasons of both can be found for under $20 each!