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I don't know about this site...You have to create a profile before you can do anything. They pick the jewelry they think suits your profile best. all jewelry is $29.99 each and includes free shipping. I don't think so...


I bit the bullet a while back and made an account. Over the last 3 months I have looked over all the jewelry they offer and this is what I've seen.

The most common metal jewelry material is brass.
The most common non-metal jewelry material is resin.
The rings are chunky.
The necklaces are super long but they come with extensions (when being super long just isn't super long enough).
The earrings are nearly as long as the necklaces (well, I'd say 95% are over 3 inches).

For 30 bucks a pop I didn't expect 14kt gold but it's cheap, crappy costume jewelry at best. No thank you.


@auhdrah: But if I can get one piece for $12 and then cancel membership...You still wouldn't recommend it?


@lynettegochez: If you do that, make sure you use a throwaway e-mail address because I'm sure they'll hound you to come back.

Not to mention the fact that even with the discount, it's a lot of money for fake jewelry.


@rhmurphy: About using a disposable email address--thank u! Great idea! I think that's exactly what I'll do...'Cuz I have to be honest & say I disagree about the $12 for costume jewelry being too much...There were a few pieces I saw that I think (I HOPE!)(LOL) my 13-year old niece might like--but for the discount price ($12)--'cuz I do agree none were worth the full/normal $30! But thank you for the words of advice...I appreciate it. :-)
(P.S. -- Sorry for babbling!)


Glass, resin, and cheap gold-tone or gold-plate. I'd call it "basic costume jewelry," except that most costume jewelry looks better.


@lynettegochez: Personally, I wouldn't spend $12 on anything I saw on their site, but YMMV.


Wow! Thanks to everyone...And thank goodness I was dragging my feet a little--my mind is definitely changed! :-) Any suggestions for a decent jewelry website?


I'm not a jewelry expert by any means, but this stuff looks like roughly the same quality and style that stores normally have at the $1-$5 price point, and is certainly not a 'deal' at either $29 or $12.

As for the comment that these might be okay as a gift for a kid, I think most kids would probably prefer more variety and choice, such as a bunch of cool vintage stuff from a thrift store for around the same price, rather than a single piece they'll feel obligated to wear because it was an 'expensive' gift.


Also, based on the ComplaintsBoard comments linked above, apparently they're a club of some kind where you get billed every month, like a jewelery-of-the-month club I suppose. Several people report being charged even when they didn't want the item being offered.

Direct quote:
"I thought I was buying one piece of jewelry (and I do check these things carefully), but it turns out they have been charging my card $29.99 for the past 2 months."

Absolutely not a business I would give any credit card info to. Better to steer clear entirely.

vote-for8vote-against it is the woot of Jewelry real stuff for a discount price,different deal every day this is a great site things change constantly you can pick up stuff very reasonable and its REAL too not costume for higher end jewelry pearl Jewelry and discount prices company ships from China so shipping takes a long time Jewelry is NICE sign up for emails right now all the pearl Jewelry is 30% off with a code they should send you in email.Gemstone bead Jewelry is nice also. I buy Pearls from them and make my own but if you are not crafty and would rather buy already made pieces this is the place.Make sure you read LENTH sizes

Hope this helps !


Wouldn't order there... I don't feel safe with all the comments. Thanks for posting them.


The egg yolk ring adornment puts me right off my breakfast...


Thank you all for your comments. Good to know the websites to steer clear of!


@coyhaven: I normally don't support any particular jewelery sites. However, Shadora was good. The stuff was good for the price, and delivery was fast.
The items I ordered made nice little "I love you" gifts for my wife.


I just am recomending the sites because I know they have good customer support and I was pleased with the Items I have bought from them,and since someone asked these were the couple of site I knew.

You are so nice n sweet to buy your wife jewelry! My husband buys me tools that is why I know where to buy jewelry from LOL or I also make it.

I should give you his number and have you convince him tools are not what most women want for a gift!