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I don't get it... Isn't this the standard deal offered every day by BB? Not a Deal when it has been like this for a year or more - I know it was when I signed on with them over a year ago.


In-store? I guess that's assuming you can still find one (all the ones near me closed, one-by-one, in the past 3 years)


Attention companies: The FEATURED DEALS is not a place for you to advertise your companies everyday deals. Its a place to give us special prices to convince us to use your service.

Of course, its not our fault when you end up -500. Keep paying Woot to sit in the basement, or give us a real deal. Your choice.

EDIT: Also, quit making featured deals with 'Free or discounted trial offer valid for new customers only.' Thats BS.


STOP WITH THESE "DEALS" . Netflix tried it and hit a record with over -730 rating. I wonder how low this will go.


NO STREAMING. Party like it's 1999.


I guess Blockbuster wanted to prove that they could still be worse than netflix.
Let's get this "deal" down to -1000 folks!

also, after refreshing I saw the thumbnail and thought I managed to navigate over to a


I have blockbuster. It's a pretty nice service as with my plan, they don't charge extra for blu-rays like they did at Netflix (not sure if they still don't charge extra...) It's great if you live near a store and can exchange them too!

However, don't count on renting many games. You have to wait over 3 months (for example, I can rent Mass Effect 3 6/19/2012). Then, when it's available, you put it into your queue where it sits forever, and you never receive the game. I swear any current game is on "short wait." I have only rented one single game that was two years old at the time; however it seems like even older games can be hard to rent as I think they start to just sell off their copies. So even though not many people want an older game, they only have a few in stock... Don't get this if you plan on getting games.

Also, there is pretty much no useful streaming. They charge several bucks to stream a video, which really sucks.

Also, seems like they always advertise this same trial.


At least they let you rent games (unlike netflix). Oh who am I kidding, I just play with myself all day


I used Blockbuster DVD service when they first offered DVD by mail (2002?) service. For the life of me I don't understand why they lost to Netflix? In the first couple of years. Blockbusters turn around time was amazing and they had every DVD.

They were also cheaper than Netflix. I guess its Netflix streaming now. Which I now have and love. I fear Netflix prices will be going up soon.


Note the "per transaction basis". Run away, run away...

2. Is BLOCKBUSTER On Demand part of my current subscription plan?
No. Blockbuster On Demand is separate from a Blockbuster By Mail subscription plan. Rentals and purchases start as low as $1.99 and payment is on a per transaction basis. Blockbuster On Demand has no monthly fee, and offers all the latest new releases.


I guess I should have explained my downvote, but @Teenracer6 said it so perfectly I don't think I could do any better.


WOW FANTASTIC BLOCKBUSTER... I have 6 movies on my Netflix waiting list that just came out, and for the past few weeks have said, "LONG WAIT" or worse yet "UNKNOWN" and you have EVERY ONE available RIGHT NOW!!! I'm coming over, save a seat BB.


@autryld: I don't understand. What they're saying is that they don't charge you a monthly subscription fee and that you only pay when you select something (a video or game). Why is this bad? I suppose you could rack up big charges, but if you only rent a single video per month it's going to be a pretty good deal.


I am in for one.... a down vote not a subscription.


I've never downvoted anything on deals.woot. I can't think of a better reason for my first time!


since netflix seprated thier streaming and dvd plans, blockbuster's plan is actually pretty decent. Not only can you get dvds and blurays, but also games. So, I guess this would be perfect for the person with both a netflix dvd and gamefly account.


Helping the Down Vote! Deals.woot is NOT for companies to shill their standard offers. Give me a deal and you get my vote. Otherwise thlllppt to you!


I got a free month a month or two ago. I live in Columbus, OH. Which is, you know, kind of a big city. They shipped my DVDs from Mansfield, OH which is a large town an hour away. It took four to five days to turn them around. Netflix takes two or three depending on where I mail them from.

They also sent me a movie that wasn't in my queue, so that was great. 10 days to turn around a movie I didn't want.


@highwyre237: Yeah, except it is almost impossible to get any games that were made available in the past 2 years, the wait time is terrible and it costs more than Netflix ($10/month against $8/month). Of course if you live right next to the distribution centers it might be decent.


Instead of this deal, we currently have the $15/mo. unlimited 1-at-a-time movie or game deal with our local Blockbuster. I was skeptical, but ended up loving it. That's because we're approximately 5 min away from our BB store and it's right where everything else in town is - Every time we go out for dinner, run out to grab cat food, need new socks, etc. we add on a stop to BB. As long as we're cool with only taking 1 thing at a time (we are) then we can do as many rentals as we want. Every one in a while, we'll do a "Movie Saturday!" and rent 3-4 movies that day, with no shipping delay, no queue to manage, just 10-15 minutes of my husband driving to & from the store. There's also no delay on newly released items when in store, which is nice and better than the Netflix/RedBox options. Because of the number of rentals we get out of a month, we get our $15/mo. out of it. My folks tried it and realized that they didn't get enough out of it because the store was too far from them. YMMV.


So it's not a deal. Neither are all the so-called "sales" from glasses and ink sites. The sponsored deals are just that- SPONSORED. I got Blockbuster JUST for games! I had Gamefly and this is cheaper. Plus, if we wanted, we get movies, and we have the option to go to a store, but everyone's right- the stores ARE vanishing fast! I bet they'll have streaming eventually.


We signed up for Blockbuster because it was a new package on Dish Network (with streaming) and we figured with a Block Buster 1 mile away it would surpass our Netflix package's usefulness. 2 Months in..the store it's 10 miles to the nearest one. Thankfully we were still on our 3 month intro and didn't get charged to drop it!

Blockbuster is dead folks. Even Blockbuster express sucks and is overpriced! Right now the nearest express with Hugo (I picked it because of the Oscars) is 5 miles from me and $2 to rent...there are 3 other expresses closer that DON'T have it. Redbox? $1..Available at 14 kiosks within 5 miles of my house...I can walk to the closest one.

As for the mail order? Shipping was slower than Netflix, the waiting was MUCH longer for new releases (because they didn't have enough), some old kids movies weren't even available and Netflix had them at the ready in 2 days.



@smtatertot13: you rent from a blockbuster store? Methinks you'd better start contingency planning soon...that thing ain't gonna make it out of 2012 even if the rest of us do


@pinchecat: OMGees!!1! the world will end when Blockbuster dies! Arghhhh!

seriously though, when BB closes here, we'll obviously have cancelled. Our store has been doing quite well in our location (only rental place in a large college town, w/1 redbox at walmart that's never stocked well), so it should be a while before they kill it off. We shall see.

I know that BB is in negotiations to start a streaming deal - not sure how close they are as I don't care enough about such things, but it'll be interesting to see what they come up with and if it's in time.

as long as it lasts, we'll ride the BB in-store deal. it's great for us.


@rhmurphy: You may want to read that again. It states that On Demand (streaming) is charged on a per transaction basis.


So they are the ones that bought Qwikster!?!?!


@machin576: No BB by Mail has been around for 3 or so years. As for the streaming, their online distribution rights was taken over by Dish Network when they were bought out.


I usually just mooch off of deals.woot but I went ahead registered just so I could down vote this.


Blockbuster's plan CAN be an excellent but it seems that it depends on where you live and if you want a streaming PLAN. You can stream most of their library but you have to pay per stream. It boggles my mind that when Nextflix was screwing up that they didn't come out and add some sort of streaming to their subscriptions - they actually could have put a dent in their marketshare if they'd have done that.

If you live near a store and you prefer discs over streaming then it is a no-brainer to go with the BB plan. I live in Minneapolis and I tend to get 2 or 3 day turnaround on DVDs via the mail - quite quick. I have read lots of commentary that turnaround time isn't very good in other cities, so it would seem they have a consistency problem. Maybe since they are closing so many stores they will open a few more mail distribution centers to speed up turnaround times in some areas. If they don't I don't think they will make it.


Wow text book mob mentality. Social psychologists study group behavior. Their work contributes to the development of advertising aimed at specific groups. The term “mob mentality” is used to refer to unique behavioral characteristics which emerge when people are in large groups. It is sometimes used disparagingly, as the term “mob” typically conjures up an image of a disorganized, aggressive, panicked group of people.
The few people that spoke positively about BB have negative votes. How many people aren't commenting because they don't want the attack on reply comments or negative down votes? We'll never know. I'm currently a Dish Network member and added BB and I have Netflix streaming. I'm doing a side by side comparison. Netflix just lost Starz streaming this month so we will see how that hurts them or not. I'll see by the end of the month which one I have left.
A sponsored deal is a paid Ad and Woot is collecting the cash. Be mad at them for the mixed message on Deals.


@avashock: What are you talking about? bmason3604, markmc27, smtatertot13 all gave positive messages about Blockbuster and they are currently positive? While some have gone negative, that is bound to happen. One of them mentioned Blockbuster may be good for games, it is not, in fact it is terrible for that.

As for the two services, you have to remember Blockbuster is $10/month, Netflix is $8/month. This is for the disk subscription, which is what Blockbuster offers. Blu-Ray access for Netflix is $2 more, so $10/month for each if you want Blu-Ray. Many Blockbuster's are closing down, so does it really matter that they have the total access feature? I have used both services and Blockbuster is much slower at shipping than Netflix. It isn't fair to compare the streaming service to Blockbuster's by mail service.

Though, use what is good for you.


@avashock: Umm, no. Most of the positive reviews that got negative results are for folk that are only comparing or repeating advertising shill. The folk that posted positive experiences did not receive downvotes.
In the end, YMMV. For the set of people with a close by store with recent offerings- this is a Good Thing. Around here you'll get a limited offering of older selections- notso good.
And as for psychologist and mob mentality, there are other words for folk that feel the need speak up for corp loyalty, and to defend the others that do. And as soon as I find some with more than four letters ...


@hackman2007: bmason3604 and markmc27. I read the entire comments which both start good than lead bad. I would saw is a pretty good review stating the positive and negative. Are they really neutral comments? smtatertot13 stated they liked a completely different BB service but I'll still give you that ONE.
As a dish network customer I get unlimited streaming and 1 dvd by mail for $10. I've never had a Blockbuster near me so that option was never a factor. People really are comparing Netflix to BB which isn't a fair comparison because Netflix has no stores. New releases are at BB 30 days before Redbox (RB) or Netflix so waiting an extra day or two on BB delivery really isn't a fair comparison if you have the movie weeks ahead of the others. Although older titles they both carry would depend on your location it sounds.
Good dialog..


@avashock: That is to be expected in any type of review. Blockbuster does do things right, they have a variety of choices (games and dvd's/blu-rays), get movies quicker, etc. In fact, one thing I really like that Blockbuster does that Netflix does not is they separate the DVD requests from the Blu-Ray requests. Netflix sort of does this, but it is much easier with Blockbuster. And if you have a store near you, this may be a great plan.

Keep in mind no review can be 100% positive. Nothing is perfect and anyone that says otherwise is kidding themselves. Even with Netflix, there are things I hate (their streaming library is limited, some disks take forever to arrive, blu-ray is extra, etc) and I hold stock in Netflix!


@hackman2007: you have Netflix stock? I feel so sorry for you. I got out of Netflix right before the rate increase. Still I really like them before that, it's sad they made a poor choice.


@gamer901122: How did it feel when you found out you needed to make a purchase to downvote?


I logged in just to downvote this...


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