dealsblack-ops stealth box (waterproof & airtight case…


Shipping is $3.99 for 1, $5.49 for 2, $6.99 for 3. There is a maximum quantity limit of 3 for this item.


For those of you interested in the dimensions:

exterior - 6.6" x 4.5" x 1.6"
interior - 5.9" x 3.3" x 1.13"


@offline999: There are several other size boxes at the website. The next size up is $7.97. Dimensions: (ext 9"x5.2"x2", int 7.8"x3.97"x1.55")


Looks like you could put anything you want in there... also looks just like a few travel humidors I have. Rugged, feels like you could run it over with a truck and it would be ok. Also keeps my cigars moist enough for a 5 day trip to Vegas from Denver. I paid $15 to $20 for the humidors...


@thumperchick: Yes, I just had a great experience with unholycocktail over the past 2 weeks.
See their recent deal on these Spec Ops knives. I was very surprised by the quality of the knives, shipping was fast, and my call into customer service today went much better than I planned to ask about a shipping charge went much better than expected.

Summary: Apparently they were running a 24 hour promotion on discounted shipping. I did not get the same shipping discount on my second order (rightly so), but they refunded me the difference anyways just since it was a bit confusing.

I am considering these now...


@90mcg112: Thanks for the dimensions.
Too small for my Model 66 unfortunately...


Has anyone used one of these as a Geocache container?


Anyone dealth with Unholy Cocktail before?


I have a couple of these and a couple of the 5-ct Cigar Caddys. These are the same basic construction, but much shorter. It will not hold a churchill-sized cigar and is a tight fit for many others. I don't think you can get 5 robusto-sized in it because of width. If you know you only smoke smaller cigars, then go for this as it is a good deal from a good vendor. If you have more variety in what you smoke, I'd recommend passing.


By the way. The pricing for their recent Spec Ops knife deal is still active: I have ordered 18 of these knives so far. I have 1 for each of my 3 cars, 6 were bought for a coworker, and the rest are for my friends.

Great knife for $10 and fast shipping. I have paid over $30 for knives that were of less quality. Link below to the deals.woot page for all the details:

So if you are buying any of this deal, you may want to add these knives to your cart as well (to save on shipping). Max of 3 per style (6 total).

Note: I could not find these knives on the website by browsing... only using the woot link above.


I got a couple things from these guys a few months ago without any trouble. When I tried to order last night I ran into a problem because the system can't process the order unless you have a "forum name" for the forum they don't actually have yet. Finally got that stupidity worked around.

So yeah, they're legit.


I have one of these. Don't bother. Waste of money. One latch constantly comes off. Also, will only fit smaller a robusto cut. I have to chop my ends off when I travel or take on the golf course. You can squeeze in 4-5 reg width cigars but when you do the humidifier will touch two and if you do not store this upside down then the fluid will drain into your cigars. I only carry three at a time and the middle one always get leaked on. Lastly, the seal on it is absolutely horrible. Invest your monies elsewhere.