deals2-pack london fog umbrellas - large, 52" wide for…


Where does it say it's 52"? I'm tempted to buy two sets, but only if they are ACTUALLY oversized.


@kexline: It seems to be implied by the URL.

But you're right, it's not in the actual item description.


No, it's there...

Auto Open Sport
Dk Green/Black/Desert
100% Polyester
Drawstring Carrying Pouch
52" Wide

This is perfect. My wife and I both need new umbrellas since recent windy storms busted the hell out of our current ones..


@kexline, @designgrrl and @firefox91: When I posted this about 7:00 this morning (Woot Central Time), I copied and pasted exactly what it said. At that time the last line of the description was "Auto Open." The folks over at DealGenius must have been watching your comments and changed it to read "52" Wide" as it does now. Not the first time I've seen a vendor there be responsive to our posts over here! Pretty cool!