dealsbuy one get one free, wallet lock pick set…


This is an awful, low quality set. If you want to get into lockpicking, spend $40 on a /real/ set of picks.

If you buy this, you're gonna have a bad time.


@aklyatne: not to mention the legal trouble you'll get into if you get caught with these and IF you don't read your state & local laws


@aklyatne: Do you have a suggestion on a set?


@nnorton00, the ones sold by TOOOL are of excellent quality and will last many years. See

(Though I note that they are revamping their alreay excellent kits, so you might want to wait and see what the changes are. I'm sure they will be more $$$ though.)


@baqui63: I was going to suggest TOOOL as well, they are an international locksport organization and their kits are a very good value for enthusiast-grade equipment. Aside from picks they sell sets of trainer locks to practice on.

Oh, and as for legality definitely check your local laws but in most jurisdictions possessing/carrying picks is fine as long as there's no intent to commit burglary, i.e. don't trespass or use them on a lock that isn't yours.


if you need a real lock pro contact this guys.


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