dealsrefurbished 16gb zune with video for $99.99…


I would be all over this if it was a Zune HD, but the second gen zunes were just a solid state version of the Gen 1 zunes, with less capacity. I loved my old zunes, and when they pull the Zune brand from WP8, I will be very sad.


"It's a Zune. You get what you pay for." What does this mean?? My assumption is that you don't promote Microsoft products, but posting a deal for them says otherwise...MIND BLOWN.

Anyway, I wanted to talk a little bit about the differences between the Zunes since I have had the pleasure of using each of them. My preference? The Zune HD. However, I found that my old second gen zune did what it was supposed to do (play music) without any problems whatsoever...until it died suddenly, with no signs, after a few years of use. My boyfriend's first gen however, is still alive and kicking after purchasing on the release date and works just fine. His mom has the 3rd gen which seems to also work beautifully but I have no extended experience with.

The problem with buying a zune is that they have been discontinued by microsoft. And the zune requires a special cable (much like iPod) that I am not sure they will continue making.


Also for price comparison, Amazon says that in March 2010 I purchased my 16GB zune HD for $180.

Zunes since being discontinued seem to have gone up in price quite a bit.

The zune listed here is also available on amazon refurbished for $99:


@c45513: Equal parts humor and the reasons you stated: it's a refurbished, discontinued product. Think of it more as a buyer beware for the unwary. Personally, I would be more inclined to spend the cash on a Sansa if I didn't want an apple product. But it's a good deal if you liked them, or were invested in the Zune.


I have 2 Zunes (2nd gen and HD) and a current generation iPod Touch. I still use the Zunes for music and the iPod Touch for everything else. I do wish it had HD radio on it like the HD Zune, however.


I'd be all over it but I don't know anyone I could "squirt" my music to.


Love my HD Zune. It's a 30gb, and I'm pretty sure I paid around $150 for it, open box. So this deal seems meh.


All of the above.
It's a discontinued refurb product. That needs a special cable. That the manufacturer had a provision for deleting content.
Goto Amazon, get a Brand New 16gb Sansa Fuze+, add a 16gb card, and still save $5.


Its the included docking station that makes this a pretty good deal.