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Tested with all my devices:

All 3 buttons work with the iPhone 4s, Touch 4th gen, Classic & Nano 6th gen. Buttons do not work with iPhone 3Gs.

Only the play/pause button works on the HTC One V running Android 4.0 & Samsung Tab 2.

Buttons do not work with the Kindle Fire.


@jcmccroskey3: I use these for my every day commute. I actually stepped on one of the ear pads yesterday (I like to watch videos on my tablet before bedtime and just drop these on the floor) and it held up fine. The ear pads themselves are replaceable as well.


I got these last year in a WOOT OFF and the first time I put them on the ear pad fell off and I couldn't get it back on. I would say "no" to these- poor quality construction. They don't come close to my Bose headphones.


Works well with my ipod touch. I use an app call music controller or something else on my android phone. You can set 3, 4, or 5 of the main button clicks for music volume, forward or back.



Oh let me state too that when these arrived (the previous ones I got from Woot) they were sealed in brown box packaging, with all the tape and cords tied and plastic, etc on it. Just as if they were brand new. Even being refurbished, they looked BRAND NEW. I cant wait for this pair to arrive!


Bought these previously from woot. Liked them so much I picked up another pair when they were offered again. They're not actually refurbished, but "Used, Like New" which is what is actually stated on the box.


@psych3: Correction: The next song/pause button works with my GS3, but the volume controls and mic do not


Amazon has them NEW for $78.63, with a TWO YEAR warranty, instead of 90 days here. The Square Trade is $10.99 for ONE year, so that is getting a bit too close to the NEW price for me. FREE shipping with my Amazon Prime account too... Great reviews on Amazon too -


@psych3: not sure about android but I would think so....I say that because the control line isn't a new thing. My old BB Curve works with control line buttons like this....though him glad I don't have to use that old BB anymore. :)


Great headphons..I bought these last time around because I wanted a travel set of decent headphones and I thought these would fit thrill not even noticing they also were a headset....

Sound quality is great.
They fit my big fat head with plenty of room to spare.
The inline mic is one of the best if used for using it as a phone headset.
Travel case is fantastic and not too big it won't fit in my laptop backpack.
The airplane adapter is an added benefit.
One of few (in my opinion) on ear cushion headphones that doesn't put pressure on your ear yet still cuts out plenty of outside noises.

Did I mention how comfy their were? Buy a pair and enjoy...personally I may buy a second pair at this price and just leave a set in my bag for travel permanently.


Never commented on a Woot before but I'm kinda interested in this one. Any idea if the 3-button mic/remote system only work solely with apple products or will they function with an android phone?


Got mine for a week or so, loving it! For $50 even refurb, get your hands on it. O btw, my local brookstone still selling this instead of the newer version for $149.


Bought these during one of the last wootoffs for the wife. As soon as I tested them out I regretted not getting myself a pair. Now I can WOOOOOOOT!