dealswinter sale: up to 90% off select items + $10 off…


Hummm... I always wanted a utilikilt.


Maaannn! I ordered 5 things from the sale about $36ish and the shipping was $25! delete!


@impaul2008: Unfortunately, ThinkGeek's fun factor is cancelled out by their prices for many items.


I may be missing something - I'm new so plz excuse if I'm totally incorrect - but almost every item I checked (about a dozen or so) seemed to be at teh same price (or more) than you can find on ebay or amazon. am I the only 1 not finding real deals?


I gave these as gifts... i had a zombie themed wedding, so my family didn't think anything of it.

My brother called an exterminator for the crickets, and my other brother's neighbor (they friggin re-gifted! lol!) threw out his tree, insisting it was infested.

I felt a little bad, but hey, if you're going to prank... might as well make it a good one.


One of the tenants in my apartment complex got one of those ornaments this year from a family member. She asked for my help more than once trying to find where the noise was coming from (she thought her carbon monoxide alarm was acting up). I never heard it make anything other than the cricket noise, though.


I love the bluetooth retro handset.


It bother's me when sales say "up to 90% off", there is only one item in this sale at 90% off. the average deal seems to be closer to 25%-35%. Don't get me wrong I still see some good deals here, I just think the wording is misleading. Many people get excited when they see 90% off and don't realize what "up to" means. It's a cheap ploy, Kmart does this all the time in store and I hate it.
Just my opinion, and again there are still some good deals here, just don't expect anywhere close to 90% off on most of the items in this sale.


Use EMAIL9FC5 on $30 or > and save $5. Also, used Mr. Rebates for another 4% (ebates had 3.5%)


The TannenBomb ornament was the greatest prank I've ever pulled on my parents. Drove them absolutely crazy trying to find the cricket. My dad even went as far as spraying ant killer around the tree. Finally told them last night and now it will be secretly placed on our Uncle's tree when we visit them for Christmas.


Of special note is the Mario/New Mario/Donkey Kong wall clings. They're usually as much as $70, and they're $40 now (with current promo codes, you can get another $10 off with a qualifying order, too). Just make sure the surface you attach them to is completely flat. Textured walls are a no-go.


The video for the ornament is nice ;)


So much want, so little need...