dealsroku 2 xd streaming player 1080p with 6 ft hdmi…


I have owned a roku 2 for almost a year now (nov 2012). We had to reset it once (unplug). Besides that, this device is simply amazing. So much better than Apple TV, which we also have on another tv. I highly recommend this for people considering going the no cable route.


We've been using the Roku for a few years now. Had a similar reset issue a couple of times, but overall this destroys Cable for value. Have Amazon Prime and Netflix, so we are never short of TV and movie options. Crackle is free, also there are some crazy optional stations to watch and even a poker game you can waste your time with. If you don't want to drop the nickel for a game system like PS3 or X-Box, this is an awesome value. Even Mom can navigate this!