dealsteam 32gb micro sdhc flash card class 4 model…


Is "Team" crap?

I was a little sketched on going with a brand I didn't know. I paid a few bucks more for a brand I knew. It's going in a Vizio tab (single-core), so I figured it's worth a few bucks to hopefully not slow anything down further...


Bought their 16GB microSD from Newegg back when it was on sale. I opened up the available cache on my Sprint EVO 4G and benched the card at ~9.8MB/sec write and ~25MB/sec read, if I remember correctly. So just barely shy of class 10 write speed. Doesn't matter to me honestly. It's darn fast and been running perfectly for a couple months so far.


@firebirdude: What did you use to benchmark the card, if I may ask?