deals30 day free trial to blockbuster total access…


@jhaywire: maybe they should get the name qwickster that netflix discarded. even that name seems better than blockbuster

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If you need a DVD mail service go with Netflix. More titles available, faster turnaround time, better customer service.


Under/Over down votes on this deal is -189


Blockbuster, the local f'ing pscyhos accused me of not returning movies, then charged my debit card for $50.

That particular local establishment shut down years ago, but I'll never forget what that hideous company did.

Not even late fees, they simply claimed and insisted that I did not return three movies, all of which I certainly returned, the remaining two they claimed I didnt return I had even GONE INSIDE to return them and talked to the clerk to further confirm that I successfully returned them.

so much hate for blockbuster


Know what else is free for 30 days? Not subscribing to Blockbuster.


Campaign: "Please Block Blockbuster" - This company is so old and decrepit they make shovels look like cutting-edge technology. Hey, Blockbuster - take your crappy apps off our phones and dig a hole that's at least half as deep as the debt you're in. Then dive into it head-first just like your stock has already done.


Here we go again. Any guesses as to how low it'll go this time?


Hated deal of the day.

It's hard to forgive for all those years of late fees.