dealsusb to dual ps/2 adapter for mouse and keyboard…


ACK! Sorry! It's $1.99 + free shipping, not $0.99


This is only a deal for the seller, Meritline.. Anyone who can get someone else to pay $2 for one of these is a genius.. Who actually still has a PS/2 keyboard or mouse?


ok... I amend my above comment. I guess these sell for almost $5 elsewhere.. Still unbelieveable that some people would still be using PS/2 stuff nowadays...


@ricka182: Not hard to believe at all. Check out and any number of other gamer and/or computer enthusiast sites. Most USB keyboards (unless you go to the >$100 ones) are rubber dome keyboards, and they suck. They wear out, have no tactile feel-back, and feel mushy. There are still thousands of people that type on their old 1980's IBM Model M keyboards, and have typed on them daily for 20+ years. Ditty for mechanical keyboards with Cherry and Alps switches. Also, bear in mind that many hard-core gamers will track down a POS (point-of-sale) keyboard for the extra 20-30 programmable keys, assign macros to them either with built-in software or by using AutoHotKey, and then use these keyboards to pwn unsuspecting gamers. These types of keyboards are generally only available in PS/2 form, so adapting them to USB is a must. That said, I've no idea how well these work with such keyboards....

FWIW, I'm typing on a mechanical POS keyboard right now. I use it at work daily.


@maverick1978: I agree, there are plenty of PS/2 keyboards and mice that are nice and perfectly functional... It's not like a PS/2 mouse or keyboard is outdated nor does it doesn't function less than its USB counterpart. It's the connection that has changed. I'm guessing computer manufacturers wanted to make motherboards and computer units smaller by getting rid of the extra ports?


Some of my favorite new motherboards actually include a PS/2 port. I'm looking at the ASRock 970 EXTREME3 MoBo. It's an AM3+ socket board with PS/2 ports. With gems like that around, who needs an adapter?