dealsthe claw - electronic candy grabber machine for…


I got one of these for Christmas when I was younger, and it was amazing. Of course, like any toy it gets boring after a while, especially if you just put your own stuff in there, but it's super cute!


@c45513: Of course it would get boring with just your stuff in it. That's why it's a CANDY claw. Candy never gets boring. :)


If I had one of these when I was a kid, I don't think a day would have gone by without my using it. That is, until my parents decided to fill it with celery or something!


If it had a functional/secure coin slot I could bolt this to my desk @ work and fund my retirement account.


The Claw! The Claw chooses who will go and who will stay!


Found on Amazon Prime for $28. 80. Cool idea but apparently not that great of a deal.


@noisdois: see, i never liked candy when i was younger.... just chocolate. =) I used to fill mine with candy-size toys like small koosh balls. I also used to save the little plastic containers that those 25 cent toys came in to reuse for the machine.


I just saw this at CVS Pharmacy for $19.99.


@wwdme: Shipping is 9.14 for me since I don't have a BJ's close.