dealsronald reagan: a short biographical summary…


I love reading on my Kindle. I also appreciate bargains offered, i.e., on sale or free offerings. Just so you know this is approximately 8 (eight) pages in length. Note: I did not vote this deal up or down. I'm neutral. Or something. Also not a "Conservative/Republican", nor a "Liberal." ;-)


Just long enough to tell me about how he personally tore down the Berlin Wall with his death-ray eyes!

Or, at least, that is what Glenn Beck tells me. And he would never lie to me!


@lparsons42: Why don't you download it? The book isn't meant to be propaganda at all. I tried to make the book very unbiased politically. Although I do like him as a person. ;)

Again if you don't like it at all please return it, i'm not a writer, I just like writing about presidents!

Also I identify as a Libertarian-ish