dealshtc google nexus one unlocked phone with android…


$530 Value??? just in 2010


$165? Try like $100, if that. Add about another $100 and you get the Nexus 4, or another $50 - $75 and find a Galaxy Nexus on eBay. Terrible deal.


Ooof. Horrible. The device has a very bad issue... the poorly-designed touch screen will bug out after the phone overheats. So when you're driving your car and any Dave Matthews song pops up on Pandora, the thumbs-down touch screen button won't work. You'll swerve all over the road, hoping to God that you'll eventually get that thumbs down into the system. When the car slides off the road and the drainage water from the ditch is slowly filling the car, you hope that the water will trigger the capacitive touch screen to kill the incessant, nasal droning of one of the worst band vocalists to emerge from the 90s. But it won't. It. Won't. weeping
Fortunately, the way to fix it temporarily is easy... you tap the power button twice... once to lock, and again to turn the screen back on, and it should reset the touch screen controller. However, the touch screen will mess up probably around every half hour, so basically it'll annoy the crud out of you.
Oh, and RadioShack has a $50 One V. New.