dealsmifi 2200 verizon wireless mobile hotspot wi-fi…


3G + refurb + not that good of a deal = not a good deal


@gmwhit: thanks for the price. I was wondering what kind of post this was.
Seemed like a, "Hey guys! This exists!" posts; which I find of limited value.

You've redeemed this thread.


I'm wondering what the monthly service cost is for this. And what the limit is. (Only the phone companies can sell something, call it "unlimited", then place limits on how much you can use.)


@rhmurphy: $50/month for 5GB. There are also cheaper options for a single day and one week. I have one of these courtesy of my company on a month-to-month basis. I find it works really well. I did have a couple of issues getting it configured and activated using their Mac software, but I got there eventually. Once that is done you can remove the software.

WRT desynergy's 3G comment: 4G isn't available in most areas yet where a roaming hot spot is really needed (in the city there's free WiFi all over so who needs this in most cases), the 3G works amazing fast for me, and the 4G mifis that I looked into a few months ago had a LOT of unhappy customers: dropped connections, lock ups, slower than 3G performance, etc. I think this older MiFi is tried and true.


PS - I know nothing about this vendor, but a new 2200 pay-as-you-go from Best Buy is about $150, so deal wise this seems..."ideal".