dealswallet lock pick set & locksmith guide for $9.99…


dont buy anything from these guys!!!!! they sell cheap crap!


@magicgoat: so I wont be able to break into fort knocks with this?

what a bummer!


Just as a real product note: this will bend/break on first or second use. Bought it before and the ends of the tools bend very VERY easily.

If you're really interested, A REAL lock pick set with these same tools will set you back +/- $60. A full blown kit will cost upwards of $500.00. The set that's served me well is at @ $220.

Or - the beginners learning set at will do well to learn with, but not for locks that have heavy usage and may stick with gunk.


Will these help with online theft?


@fusion44: this crap would most likely break off in the lock if every thing they sell is the same quality.


Be careful buying any kit, cheap or not. In some cities, you can be arrested just for having a kit in your possession without valid reason(locksmith license, etc).


Budk is a great company. I received a free kukri in the mail from them yesterday :)


@maeder: a joke for those who didn't get it. Think BOC.


Woot!: Helping people commit larceny since 2004!


I wouldnt use these to PICK my nose.


Am I the only one bothered by this being for sale? What would someone use this for besides breaking to people's houses/cars/ect.? It's almost comical.


Unless you are a licensed locksmith, possession of these can be considered possession of burglar's tools which can be easily charged as a criminal offense in most states. So be careful and don't wander around with them or throw them in your glove compartment and forget about them.

For example, see

The crime here requires both a) possession with b) intent to use them for the illegal purpose; so this caution is addressed particularly to those shifty looking Wooters (I know you can't help it) who are generally perceived to be up to no good. Since the cops will ignore your protestests of innocent intent (based on your looks and twichyness), who really wants to argue with a judge that you were merely on your way to help out aunt Matilda when she locked herself out of her flat. Of course, you would then have to produce her and her believability is a whole other series of inconvenient questions.


@clipka: Curious geeks, wanting to know how things work? Physical puzzle nerds, taking test locks as challenges? Someone locked out of their car, giving this a shot before taking the half hour and $50 to get a locksmith to pop it? Locked filing cabinet or desk drawer in your office at work to which you never got a key?

Larceny as a first-resort is the first resort of the smallminded, terrified, and those ingrained with a victim mindset. Plenty of fully legal uses for these. Implying that anyone who owns lockpicks and isn't a locksmith must be a felon is just crass and asinine.

That said, despite the disapproval of the more official lock enthusiast groups, a multitool with good pliers and four to six sturdy paperclips and a few safety pins would provide almost as much effect as these cheap tools, with a basic understanding of the principles involved.
Heck, that's why I can use the filing cabinet in my office.

Also paperclips and a leatherman won't get you arrested, as warned above.


i was wondering how long it would be until the law Nazi's showed up and started posting there nonsense.


These guys also sell crap w/swastikas on it. What nice people!


Budk is hit or miss with more misses than hits.

Wooters are a weird bunch when it comes to these votes. How this piece of low quality crap that's potentially illegal coming from Budk is the second most popular for the day (as of this writing) amazes me.


At the risk of continuing a Woot-flame with some more "law Nazi … nonsense" and even as a small-minded crass and assinine person with a victim mindset I must express some amazement at the ad hominem attacks to a simple cautionary observation. If I offended aunt Matilda, I assure you that wan not my intent.

Remember the MIT coed on her way home for Thanksgiving recess with her lab breadboard and blinking led's who got arrested at Logan for possessing a bomb. How about the 50,000 New Yorkers arrested last year for marijuana. In NYC, most arrested had "legal" amounts, but as part of the Police stop-and-frisk policy, those stopped where told to empty their pockets and, if marijuana was seen, arrested for having the drugs in public view. Of course, only 12% of those arrested were white. (NYTimes, 9/24)

So if you're white and not a geeky female, feel perfectly safe from what I can assure you is a very real police mindset while you carry around your cheap, worthless set of lock picks.


So, it seems that there's a bit of the usual disinformation here about lockpicks that always seems to show up when a set goes on sale someplace other than a hobbyist site.

In most states, possession of lockpicks is perfectly legal, unless you actually intend to use them for a criminal purpose - and unlocking your own locks, or a lock you have permission to unlock is NOT a criminal purpose. Selling lockpicking services without a license is generally illegal.

There are three states, Kansas, Mississippi, and Virginia where possession without a license is generally illegal. See:

Now, this particular set - yes, it's a cheap set, it's not likely to hold up, and it might break and damage a lock. If you're just looking to see if you think you might like the hobby, it might not be a terrible idea to get something inexpensive to try it out.

The other issue here is this vendor. They also sell several Nazi items, which bothers me a bit.


Since I frequently lock myself out of my car, I once got one of those slim jims to open the lock. However, the slim jim was always IN the car when I got locked out. Who walks around with one in their pocket? This set would never be around when I needed it.

Much easier to look for a wire hanger and someone with more manual dexterity than I. Lock usually opens in under 5 minutes (gas station does it in seconds).


Add the code "widow" to your cart for a set of free throwing knives. Also, I found the first time I ordered from BudK I left items in my cart and they gave me 10% off just to buy them! They have the finnish gas mask with the side filter for $8.99 if you purchase the way I said above.


I picked up a similar (possibly identical?) 6 piece set a week ago from icemonkey for half the price. They are very flimsy but they work well on everything that I have tried.


if your not doing a B&E your not likely to get bothered.


But it's way more fun to just kick the door down!


This is a great thing to carry if you like being arrested.


@rlawli: My comment was toward clipka's insinuation that the only uses for lockpicks by a non-locksmith were illegal.
Yes, a caution about being aware of the legal ramifications of carrying a set is worthwhile; check out the third paragraph of my comment, regarding the tradeoff of carrying pick-making tools instead.


ok, I really wasn't intending to starting a war. I hesitate to respond. A simple "yes" (as in I'm the only one bothered) would have sufficed ;) peace.