dealsemergen-c orange - 30 packets for $7.19 + $2.99…


Great stuff - been using it for years - this price no big deal - Wagreens right now has it at $10.99 BOGO 50% off


My wife and I love this stuff! It is perfect for getting quick vitamin c into your system. It helps avoid the full blown cold you feel coming on. We have also been told it is great to help with hangovers as well. (We don't drink so I don't have personal experience with this, but I hear it is great.)


I drink this stuff all the time and it is great for hangovers! I drink a glass before I start drinking for the evening, then another one the next morning. It 'seems' to help lessen the effects of a hangover or help me get over mine altogether.


We love this stuff too but this isn't much of a deal, at least not in my area. The normal going price for orange is 7.99-8.99 per box...


@allevi: yes, it seems this deal is available online as well, Thanks!


Account required. Hate being forced to create an account (password and all that). I just want to give you my money, and then you send me the items. I don't want to give you my email address before I see what the total is (shipping included). Guess I'll just run down to Walgreens.


@apsupermom: Yep...just bought some last night for $8.49 at wal-mart


Looks like a collection of Emergen-C flavors are on sale for $7.19 @ VitaminShoppe: Pink Lemonade, Acai Berry, Tropical, Orange, Tangerine, Lite, Lemon-Lime, Cranberry Pomegranate, Raspberry, Berry Blue.

And remember that $25+ gets you free shipping. :)