dealsbattlestar galactica: the complete series - blu…


I'd gladly pay $20 for this, but $80 not a chance. If they would lower their prices they would end up making more money.


Bought this region free blu-ray set at for around $45 w/ FS about a year ago. Everyone should wait for that deal to come again.


@nugget9k: It's 4 and a half seasons of content. When you consider that an average movie is a couple hours long and goes for 10 bucks on a good day, $90 for an entire series isn't so terrible. You're getting a lot more content than something that just costs $20.

If they made this $20, wouldn't they have to knock the price of everything else down as well?


It goes for $139.00 at Best Buy so not a bad price.


@ryanfranz: We can't get that deal in the US. So I'm getting this one!