deals320gb samsung 2.5" notebook hard drive for $49.99…


The drive shortage must be cooling off now, or maybe everyone just got priced out so they weren't selling what they've got.


It's 5400rpm and notebook drives are designed to consume not a lot of power causing them to not perform that well. So I wouldn't recommend putting this drive in a notebook because it's going to be SLOW.


These are PERFECT drives to put in your PS3.


bmason3604: What other options are there then?? 7200rpm would be faster but would get way too hot inside the case.


Anyone know if you could use this in an XBOX?


@eeekdageek: As far as I know, ONLY Western Digital drives work, and only specific models. Price is a bit higher, here's one that works:

You can find more information via Google on how to actually make it work, it is more than just connecting the drive to the system. That being said, the difference in price isn't as much as it used to be (at least from my lazy searching just now.) HDD prices jumped not long ago. The 320GB drive for the 360 is only about $20 more than that bare drive:

Unless you have the non-S 360, you are probably better off buying that. Even if you have the older model, you may just want to buy the S model, remove it from the casing, and put the drive into either an emptied Microsoft casing or a third-party casing, like this one: