dealsscribblenauts unlimited [download] for $7.49…


Haha, you beat me to posting this. I was super excited about it.

Yeah, you need steam for it, but for anyone that has been staring at the steam sale all powty(sp?) faced like myself that it hasn't gone below $20.00 should be extremely happy :)

Happy Gaming All! (this is a fantastic price and not to be missed)


was going to buy for the wii u, but i can settle for this.


Fyi it's a weird system to activate on Steam. Instead of immediately getting a key, I had to download the Downloader program, then run it. It then downloaded a text document that contained the key you need to activate the program on Steam.


@whamilton1221: It shouldn't be that difficult.
From the amazon homepage -> scroll over shop by department -> scroll over digital games & software -> click your games and software library -> click the "view product code" and that should give you the key that you can plug into steam...

That's still pretty complicated, but it doesn't require downloading a program to get a key to download a program.

In any event, if you can get to amazon your games/software library, you shouldn't need to download anything.


Also note that it gives you a $5.00 credit towards another download of a 2012 Editor's choice game.


@vincentmurdoch: Yeah, it's missing a few things (Nintendo characters and Gamepad support, obviously), but considering that one goes for $50-60, this is the better choice for most.