dealsasus google nexus 7 32gb w/ travel cover for…


Seller is Adorama Camera, not just some random eBay seller. CPU is Tegra 3, 1GB RAM, 32GB flash. Display is 1280x800 (pretty much the same as my phone, but still good.) Excellent price; Google sells these for $249.


The only thing that keeps me from getting a Nexus 7 is that there is no sd card slot to expand the memory. I'll stick with my Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 I guess.


the new Nexus 7 is expected to hit stores within the next two weeks, priced at $270.

that being said, $175 for current gen is still a great price.

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I just saw in the side panel ads that Staples is offering the 32GB Google Nexus 7 for $169 with free shipping.


@meenzal: Does that one have the case as well?


@lobo81865: A GT3 7" is 8GB for $200 plus a 32GB card (about $25 for a good one) makes that choice almost $50 extra dollars for only 8 extra GB storage - most that cannot be used for Apps. I am not sure that I see that as a big advantage in this case.

I, too, prefer the expandable storage option of a microSD card slot, but I am afraid this is the better deal.


@meenzal: I just picked that one up at Staples. It's $199.99 before a $30 off coupon. No case however.


FYI Galaxy vs. Nexus:

Nexus 1280x800
Galaxy 1024x600

Nexus 1.3GHz 4-core
Galaxy 1.2GHz 2-core

Nexus 4326 mAh battery (quoted at 8hrs)
Galaxy 4000 mAh battery (no estimate)

Nexus has no expansion slot, but in this case, but built-in storage is on this sale model is 32GB (which is $250 at, where as the Galaxy 3 7" maxes out at 16GB onboard. (Although the expansion slot can be advantageous as I've recently learned when the EMMC card in my Acer A100 tablet went kaput and I lost everything.)

Galaxy has a rear camera, Nexus does not, so no using it for snapshots, movies, or mobile bank deposits.

Can't find anything about the Galaxy 3 speakers (the Galaxy 2 was mono), but the Nexus is stereo.

I'm seriously considering this deal. Just trying to decide how important a rear camera is to me. I used the one on my old table more than I thought I would.


Why does the description keep repeating Android 4.1 Jellybean? I thought the Nexus 7 is on 4.2 already? Is it just old description?

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@k87: Worry not. It is the latest version and will continue to be so for quite awhile.


I just picked up the 32G at Staples last week. No cover but got a decent one at the mothership for $10. You can add storage via OTG adapter cable(couple a bucks on the bay) and an app called Nexus Media Player. With that you could have tons of music, videos, etc. on flash drive and be able to plug them in and swap em out.

BTW, 32G over the 16G model is totally worth the extra $20 or whatever it is now. Not only more space but faster processing. Get the 32.

Nice little toy for $170. Had I known Adorama would be selling with no tax (here) and a free case might have gone that route, but first one had bad speakers right out of the box so there's an advantage to go right back to the store and get another one.

Galaxy II is same price but since I bought this in the store I could compare. Trust me, this one looks better, and the processor is very nimble. Just make sure you get a case for it. Bezel looks a little fragile and needs protection.


No rear camera is a non-starter. If you have a smartphone, it needs to function as a camera/scanner as well.


looks likie its back to 210.. so deal is dead


@k87: Mine prompted me for an upgrade to 4.2.2 out of the box. If keep an eye out for these in the future since the new model is being announced soon. There is sure to be more deals like this.


@robio: I have had the 8 GB Nexus 7 for about a year. The thing about no rear camera is that you can't really use the tablet as a camera, because you can't see what you're pointing at. It's great for selfies or video chat etc. I would have liked a rear camera, but the tablet is great otherwise.

My only complaint about the N7 is that HD youtube videos constantly buffer. There is no way to select a lower quality, so it kind of sucks.