deals5 speed bench drill press for $59.99


I've got one of these. Not for professional work by any means, but for the DIY projects it's a great little drill press.


The "Smooth rack-and-pinion table movement" in the product overview appears to be wrong. The picture does not show a crank for the gear that you would have for a rack-and-pinion table movement. It just has a collar and lever.

Here is an link to one of their drill presses that actually has a rack-and-pinion table adjuster:

The price is ok, but not great.
I got a similar one from Harbor Freight several years ago (for about $40 on sale), and the main differences between this one and mine are that mine did not have a gooseneck light, and it has a different type of grip on the feed handle.

The different grip is a slight improvement, but the gooseneck light is the more useful improvement. Not sure if it's worth $20 more though.