deals40% off a single item at hobby lobby stores


Just an FYI, I just purchased something from Hobby Lobby was under 10 bucks (broke and that's why I shop for deals) but I purchased the Bath Tin Sign for my new Apt.


Go to Hobby Lobby on your smartphone to pull up their weekly deals. Each DAY you can use their 40% off single non-sale item. If you are fortunate enough to have multiple stores where you live then that is multiple uses per day. 40% off of say an air compressor is a nice wedge of cash to keep IN your wallet. Food for thought.


I love Hobby Lobby and use my smartphone every time I'm there to get 40% off an item (well, except last time, where it turned out everything I was buying was already on sale 50% off, so I was okay with that).

They're ridiculously easy-going when it comes to coupons in my experience.

Also, if you don't like Hobby Lobby for whatever reason, A.C. Moore has basically the same deal (just show your smartphone), but my local one has less selection and higher prices than Hobby Lobby.


Political leanings aside... why is this even a deal? Hobby Lobby has the same 40% off coupon every week in their circular. It's not like this is new or special.



This is the place to discuss the DEAL.

If you want to discuss the company, please start a thread over in Ask the Community. Remember that each one of your posts in this thread goes to the poster if s/he is subscribed. Let's show some consideration to their mailbox and move that discussion.

Yes, I deleted a lot of posts.


THANK YOU!. Hey is this coupon just the Arts and crafts side of the house. I tried to use in on a R/C purchase and it says invalid.


@bigtee959: The coupon states the limitations so if your R/C is not already discounted or a special order then it should work. I would just ask to see a manager and point out that there is no exclusion for the item and ask why the coupon isn't working? Be nice about it.


@dagney74: what would their christian valued political leanings even need to be brought up? Unless your trying to show and force into the face of everyone here your opposing political stance then i understand why you would....