dealseuro-pro master prep - ninja food processor +$10…


Look for the QB1000 instead. This one has only 2 sets of blades in the big bucket, and the QB1000 has 3.

I like our QB1000. The little guy chops onions and the like in about 2 bursts. The big guy we use for smoothies, and while it does leave some seeds and things, we don't mind them "chunky style." Plus, we usually use a green-tea smoothie mix rather than making from scratch.

Also, Consumer Reports rated the QB1004 (same thing with one more "bucket") #2 out of all the blenders they tested (#1 was $400+).

Besides, the QB1000 isn't quite so ugly.


Agreed on the QB1000. That being said, the food Ninjas are AWESOME. They handle everything and anything. Super easy to clean, and I can't live without mine.