deals50% off papa john's large pizzas


Correction it is 50% off any large pizza. Sorry for the error.


@craigleslie: I would pay to eat papa johns pizza. I don't let political lobbyists control my eating habits or attempt to push them on other people. I understand that the organization is operated and run in a capitalistic society and the employee pay, hours, benefits, etc are all representative of the level of skill required to work at a company that simply bakes and delivers pizzas.


It's absurd that every deal regarding Papa John's always rattles people's political cages. It's pizza for cheaper than it normally is. Wouldn't you know it, such a thing is just perfect for being shared on this website. Your political opinion, however, is not.


@craigleslie: I agree with sharpjm. I don't push my politics on other people either. In a capitalistic society, the market determines what benefits etc. are given ... not anyone else. Good pizza at a good price is a good thing.


There is one thing that can unite us all - garlic butter sauce.


@craigleslie - if you really wanted to help the people that work at Papa Johns Pizza you would order your pizza from that so that you can give them a hefty tip so that they can afford the things that the company is not giving them. But instead you deny them their job that they applied for. If they were not happy with what they are given to work there, they have the choice to leave and find another job. Just like you choose to not eat pizza from there. So get over it. You choose what you want and we will choose what we want.


When I grow up, I want to be a Papa Johns Pizza.

Sorry, I meant a Papa Murphy's Pizza


@craigleslie: Give it a rest dude. Keep your political rants to yourself. If you don't want to buy their Pizza then don't. No one really gives a crap what your personal opinion is regarding the owner of Papa John's.


@edorth: you want to get taken to someone else's home, baked, and then eaten?

I guess there are worse things in life to aspire to...


So as someone that not very familiar with Papa Johns is this a good deal or no? so many comments and very few helpful that i see.


Somebody told me that Papa John's pizza is the real reason Peyton Manning recovered from his neck surgery.


I just wanted to let everyone know that you can add the promo code more then once and get more then 1 large pizza for %50 off. Looks like the kids will get their own pizza and dad will get his own kind. Yay.


@jeremyslanza: It's fine. It's nothing special, but it's better than say little ceasers or something. It's not gourmet pizza or anything but I consider this a good deal.


I used this and got a "the works" pizza, comes with pepperoni, Canadian bacon, sausage, green peppers, mushrooms, olives, green peppers and onions, for 6:50 plus 3.00 delivery charge. I call that a deal.


@jeremyslanza: Papa John's is to pizza what McDonalds is to hamburgers. I have eaten both when other alternatives are not available. Full disclosure: I am a raving leftist.


@fit410s: Wings that are chewy and small are NOT good wings.....wings should be big and crispy and always come with celery, carrots, and bleu cheese.


@edorth: Having never tried a Papa Murphy's pizza....I can only relate what my wife's entire family says when the name is mentioned : "Gross".