dealsbounty hunter pioneer metal detector for $20.00


Seems like a pretty good deal.. only downside is it looks like one of the lower end models. Although, I have absolutely no idea what that means, considering I know JACK about metal detectors :)

The most obvious negative? The meter is ANALOG! lol


This will make an awesome Christmas gift.
It's one of those things that seems like it cost more than it actually did :)

[ed] Just saw the reviews.. I'm on the fence now.. anyone happen to know anything about these? Gonna read a few more..


This is an entry level unit.
High end stuff actually tells you not only what type of metal you've found, it will even tell you if it's a coin, ring, etc...

This type works best of softer soil, a beach would be ideal.

Having a cheap metal detector can be a put off if you don't ever find anything, but agi for the average Joe who'll use it a half dozen times before it's relagated to a dark corner of the garage it's fine.

And if you happen to catch the bug, you'll end up with a White's or other high end model at some point.

Geez, it's $20. You'll spend that on coffe at starbucks this week....


Got one for the 8yo! Thanks! He's been after a metal detector for two Christmas's I didn't want to pull the trigger on a decent one to see it busted or unused... Now he gets what he wants, and I get a litmus test on how much he'll use it!


Now showing out of stock... RIP