deals$10 off $25 coupon


Only good until 1 P.M. each day.


I used one just like this on the 22nd and 23rd and i saved $70 or $80... I used it until midnight on Sunday! I didn't show the coupon, I read the barcode number off of my cellphone. If I had more than 1 item I would ring do the purchases one at a time and use the same code for each item. I saved more by using a pre-bought giftcard and got %15 or %20 off because they treat using a giftcard just like the Macy's credit card! So, buy the giftcard at your local grocery store that offers fuelpoints... then get the %15-%20 off for using it and then use this code for each item you purchase (must be on sale or clearance) and you can clean up!!! I got Dooney Bourke purses for my mother and girlfriend as example - 1 was $238 and it was on sale for 25% off so then i could use the gift card and get the 20% more off and then used this code and got $10 off of each... and got a $238 purse for $132 before tax!!! And this was at 11:00 at night... so the code was still working at that time...


@talon926: Deals like yours just make my day! Although I'm too.....uh "frugal" to spend that much on a purse.
I'm going to check the website and see if I can find anything good on sale to use the coupon on. I like Macy's Charter Club sheets. Maybe they have some on sale.


Just used this...went to Macy's got 4 large Charter Club towels and matching wash clothes for $16 including tax (after the discount) THANKS!