dealsstarbucks egift card plus 20% off regularly…


Does the 20% discount actually expire at the end of December, 2012? That does not give us much time to take advantage of the discount? If Washington succeeds in averting the fiscal cliff, will the discount carry over into 2013?


@saulslovin: Seems pretty specific that the $10 is good forever, but the 20% off is only for the rest of this year (i.e., through Dec 31st, 2012).


The details on this "wonderful bargin" says there is NO expiration date then it says good only until the end of this month, Dec 2012.
Come on Woot don't even bother us with such silliness. Or are you just adding this as a funny xmas joke. I'm not LOL!


The $10 you pay for does not "expire", just like any like other gift card.

The promotion that you see here is that you ALSO get 20% off any purchases you make through the end of this year.


@frostbight64: @turtlegir1: Thanks guys. Seemed pretty obvious to me...


Are you guys kidding?! Use this ONCE and its a great deal! I go to Starbucks nearly every day! We're going to save over a buck a day with this! Already used it today! Awesome deal! (And yes, the 20% stops working 2013.)


You are basically getting 20% off of anything you want from Starbucks for the rest of the year by guaranteeing you'll spend $10 any time in the future.. not a bad deal if you go there a lot!


If I can drink 2 $5 coffee drinks per day, the 20% off save me $14 by Dec 31!! Sweet!

If I can avoid drinking 2 $5 coffee drinks per day all together, that saves me $140 by Dec 31!!