dealsadobe creative suite cs2 for $0.00 + free shipping


I can't believe I just missed this.


@findpryan: I just happened to leave my page open and it looks like the files are still there. here are the windows creative suite links, maybe they will work for you

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I just got Audition so it's still there. Just getting hammered I imagine.


Hey woot, get out of the links, you're just screwing them up.
You make it a PIA to copy the links to use later when the target site is less hammered.


@findpryan: @bobbyatkinson:
I posted a link to the slickdeals Wiki.
It has the direct DL, and keys, and installation help.
All still work.

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@w855173w: Works, downloading the exe's now. Thanks.


Any direct links for the Mac files by chance?


@erickrarick: sure!

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@w855173w: I don't think so.. but I wonder if you have any insight as to the differences between the

CS20IENonRetD1.dmg.bin as provided here


CS20UERetD1.dmg.bin as listed in the PDF

Both seem to be valid files available for download.

(woot messed up the formatting by turning the underscores into italics, but you know what I mean)


downloads are still working for me, nice deal!


@erickrarick: International Edition vs. US Edition in one case (IE vs. UE), Retail vs. Non Retail in the other (Ret. vs. NonRet).

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MD5s courtesy of some folks at SD:
a786d07cc41dac530c30fd9433dad0d0 12001748.dmg
8ad37b04affbcec812ee2a558ed906f6 22001904.exe
ce05b328b9443bd5fab8c45ae6d1aaf7 ADBEAuditionESD1WWEFGJIS.exe
23c1b2ae9b84a1c07301b230e4aa920f ADBEAuditionloopolgy.7z
3885ddd4fcaca783873268f8652f5903 ADBEAudition
864336c12c2f4e14fcf6e739a51d4b37 AICS2IENonRet.dmg.bin
be05180f4d45d91ac2d53b3dc91c1525 AI
ce5d9c7b1ee3d383f510422f6ef9f81c APRO23WinESD1WWEFG.exe
7ab681c382845924c0e6a5e6e03651e2 APRO8
0dbf6277295e0daf313f9b15a7c55c0c CreativeSuiteCS2Disc1.exe
675febf07d9b0104564228b66be7f1e1 CreativeSuiteCS2Disc2.exe
5dc80c66a3c9a11cad90a33a4bf39996 CreativeSuiteCS2Disc3.exe
4c956cd9e0afcc58bd439c94bde80ede CS2.0IEExtras1.dmg.bin
30e947c88351a867b0500b50623ac8d1 CS20IENonRetD1.dmg.bin
4b95117369178ee2cab0072efd0fd882 CS20IENonRetD2.dmg.bin

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065d0370b8a29c7eac0b5ba40a9e022e CS20IENonRetD3.dmg.bin
761debf76091143187ae853f747af40e CS2.0WWEExtras1.exe
c7493983322cd17c2a0e8770ed9ac372 CS2installMac.pdf
70219720c2eeba32e66eaeb52e6fbfbd CS2installWin.pdf
30054e8f57c820e2fad4076f0f3ee38a GLCS2UENonRet.dmg.bin
8436b46d53df6c2d053dd62150ee2948 GL
3bfaabe4937833bff117bb71f9d07c24 ICCS2UENonRet.dmg.bin
6e791c97b841226c3bc98013684a0572 IC
82ab3fc6cda27c779162031c5e0946b4 IDCS2UENonRet.dmg
77f5ad35be0d820504553e736e5918cd ID
0865e62d120025d15bbd680982acef41 PhSpCS2English.dmg.bin
c24f1c53297ca179650031094571dce0 PhSpCS2English.exe
1557f2c06e6156cd4e0260af635df4d1 PSE4
5327c0f72a909600d7f0985b57b1e733 PSE5.0WINESD1ENG.exe
09b841158637bbff01209ae4d0e57cd1 VCS2.dmg

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@j5: Probably this reason:

At least a scientist that works for Adobe is fairly certain that Adobe never meant to release CS2 for free - just provide it to owners of CS2 since the activation-required versions no longer work.

However, no official word from Adobe yet. They're likely still trying to figure out what to make of the disaster.


@omnichad: yeah, saw that.
It's another mess, but Adobe doesn't care. They will continue doing what they do.
Pirates will pirate.
Businesses wil buy.
The end.

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1) this software is not free
2) posting serial numbers on public forums is illegal:
3) these links to large EXE's increase the load on our link verification system.
4) please don't post "deals" like this.
5) thanks


@josefresno: The size of the content being linked to shouldn't have any effect on a 302 redirect. For all intents and purposes, a serial number that were freely released would not be a DMCA violation. If Adobe hadn't meant that, then they really needed better wording on the page that provided them.

And thanks to DMCA safe harbor provisions, you're free to leave it there until you get a takedown notice.

We're talking about what appeared at the time to be an offer of free software, reported by sources that are assumed to be reputable such as Forbes. Please don't come in here and claim we were all acting in willful defiance of copyright law.

Personally, it's a deal to me either way. I actually have an old copy of CS2 lying around, but it was the Mac version. They don't offer support, but offered activation, so I had no legal way to switch it back to the Windows version until this deal was posted.


If the serial numbers are released, they will appear on the adobe site.

Our system is more complicated than a simple 302...

Deals.Woot allows download links for the purpose of posting links to PDF product manuals and other such things. Links to large ISO files are not recommended.


@josefresno: The serial numbers WERE, in fact, posted on the Adobe site. At the time I reposted them, it appeared that the server was buckling under the load, not that they had removed the page entirely. Hours later, I'm unable to edit the contents of an older post.

You now know that you probably need some safeguards in your redirect to protect against your wasting of resources on things like large EXE files. You can still have your redirect there to do link tracking, but whatever else you normally do can be blocked.

An HTTP Head request should tell you the size of the download before you retrieve the file- especially on a big public download server like Adobe's. I understand not all HTTP servers support this.


@omnichad: but yea, you are right, I am not the internet cop... However cool that would be. These links were causing timeouts for other users. So, I had to step in and remove them.


@omnichad: HEAD requests are usually blocked by servers. We have been down that road. We simply allow links to large files. If they are too big, the request will timeout. Usually this has not been an issue because events like this rarely happen.


I've been using PS since version 5 and yeah I do have a copy of CS2. However, I think it's a pretty gray area. It's true it is posted on their site but you do either have to log in or create an account. So that would mean it's not really in a public area.

On the other hand it would seem to me it's a great marketing ploy. Once you get the hang of it (Oh yeah there's a STEEP learning curve) they may have you hooked on upgrading. It is "quite" inferior to CS6 but it still runs rings around anything else out there.


@josefresno: now this is unRIP but free-tagged?

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@j5: Good point, I RIP'd it. If it comes back, feel free to tattle and we will Un-RIP it. I was going to delete the whole thing, but figured the OP could use the rep...


This is not true. Effective December 13, Adobe disabled the activation server for CS2 products and Acrobat 7 because of a technical glitch. These products were released over 7 years ago and do not run on many modern operating systems. But to ensure that any customers activating those old versions can continue to use their software, we issued a serial number directly to those customers. While this might be interpreted as Adobe giving away software for free, we did it to help our customers.


Not dead! I just got through first try with no problem!


@miquinn: not only did they re-enable the deal, they took off the account requirement.
Can this be Adobe saying "ah what the hell, free old crap for all"?

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Got it! ...finally, @ 1:20AM. To be fair, I'd forgotten about it, but now that everyone's asleep, it was quick & easy!!


@mzkhadir: Really? That's your position? "I might be downloading and installing a product illegally, but definitely don't check... Because ignorance of the law is an excuse for breaking it, right?"

Seriously, I am responsible for making sure the software in my organization is legitimately licensed. Having unlicensed software installed could result in their me losing my job. So, you're damn right I'm going to check with the source. This was an open link to support software, not a giveaway. The absence of any official announcement from Adobe initially made me question it. Subsequently, Adobe support has clarified that this is to be used by people who already have CS2 licenses.

Which means that everyone who didn't buy CS2 but have downloaded and installed this software anyway have pirated the software and broken the law. Ethically, this is not much different from firing up bittorrent and downloading software you don't own.



@whytcolr: Flipping noob.

When they made a mistake, and published the software openly, they waived any right to not have it downloaded and used. No court in the country would uphold any claim they make to restrain use of openly-published software, especially given the fact that they COULD have used private channels to distribute validated download links.


@whytcolr: It might not technically be a "deal," but it sure ain't "piracy" either. Here are the terms you agree during install:

"2. Software License. If you obtained the Software from Adobe or one of its authorized licensees and as long as you comply with the terms of this agreement, Adobe grants you a non-exclusive license to use the Software in the manner and for the purposes described in the Documentation, as further set forth below."

Yes, I indeed got this software from adobe's website. Adobe provided the product keys as well publically. There was nothing on the download page indicating that it was for previous users only.



Please, get over yourself! I will trust that when Adobe offers download links to their outdated software AND provides serial numbers for the software, they have every intent of sharing the software. What I will NOT trust is some self righteous person's false interpretation of the facts and their insulting accusations of piracy. So like I said, get over yourself!

And BTW, THANKS ADOBE and perishedstar!


@sehrgut: "There's no court in the country..." That's all well in good if software compliance issues regularly made it to court. Usually they don't. Usually, they're resolved in arbitration. Guess what? Most organizations don't have enough money to go up against the BSA and the like in court. When it comes to software audits, proof of ownership is paramount. If Adobe was, in fact giving this away for free, a printout of the announcement from Adobe would suffice as proof.

@ecolodge: This is interesting. Unfortunately, the same document makes the distiction between "software" and "license" in section 13. Also, section 5 states, "Updates. If the Software is an upgrade or update to a previous version of Adobe software, you must possess a valid license to such previous version in order to use such upgrade or update." Since this software was posted by Adobe as an update for users who couldn't install after Adobe shutdown the activation servers, I would argue it is an update.


@karlsworld: Two representatives of Adobe -- one in a web chat with myself and one in a public Adobe forum -- have specifically stated that this software is not a free giveaway and was meant for owners of the software who could no longer install due to the activation servers being shut down.

Let's say I walk by Old Man Jenkins' shop and see he's left a whole table full of tasty pies out. There's a tiny note on the door that says, "if you got one of the bad pies, please take one of these as a replacement."

Now, if I post on a local message board, "Hey, Old Man Jenkins left a bunch of pies on a table outside his shop. They're free, just go grab one!" and then 100 people go take Old Man Jenkins' pies, we can argue about how stupid Old Man Jenkins was to leave his pies out, but we can't argue about whether it was theft, can we? Old Man Jenkins left the pies out for the people who got bad pies. Those who didn't get a bad pie, but took one of the pies on the table, stole a pie.


@whytcolr: I'm not saying you're wrong, because you aren't. The terms clearly state what they state, but your analogy is a commonly used one in copyright arguments, and just as commonly misapplied.
This is more equivalent to Old Man Jenkins posting a note on the front of his register saying "Hey, the pie recipe I sold you won't work any more since we no longer make a key ingredient, here is a new recipe with a substitute key ingredient. This is for my yummy pie recipe customers to continue to make yummy pies". People find out, OMJ gets flooded with traffic, and removes the recipe from his register. After a few hours, he just posts the recipe in his shop window. Now, every actual customer, as well as every passerby, deal follower, or Google Streets user can get the "yummy pie recipe".

Adobe is turning a blind eye to the whole thing and letting people do what they will with it.

In a professional position I wouldn't go near it, but for personal use?

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@j5:"Adobe is turning a blind eye to the whole thing and letting people do what they will with it.
In a professional position I wouldn't go near it, but for personal use?"

I'd say that using this for personal use is a no harm, no foul situation. I think that doing so might actually gain Adobe some business in the long run. However, pretending that we're all ALLOWED to do this with Adobe's blessing is wrong. Installing and using this software is, in a very real sense, piracy.

How would people feel if I posted a "deal" around tax time that said, "If you get a TurboTax CD from someone, you can use it to file for free without authenticating or anything! Even for State filing! Even if you didn't buy it!" (This has, actually, been the case for the last few years.) This isn't a deal -- its piracy.

I'm not making personal judgements, here. I'm just asking that people call this what it is... Or at least stop calling it a "deal."


@whytcolr: not a deal, but hardly piracy. Misappropriation maybe.

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Piracy or not, you know it's Virus Free!