dealsmichael's coupons - 50% off march 2-3


MORE COUPONS! (you may need to select your local store)

40% off any one regular priced item, also valid through March 3.


Nice! We were planning on going to buy wedding stuff tomorrow anyways. Score!


@jrod89: Awesome! I got married last year and these type of coupons saved me a ton on my DIY projects. The only bummer is that, at least at my store (I stopped by today during lunch), a lot of the wedding stuff is on sale already for 30%-40% off so you can't use the 50% off coupon. Not everything wedding was on sale, though, so hopefully you can make good use of the 50% coupon!


Save paper, you don't even need to print! Coupons say that they accept them on smart phones. Save a tree and some money:)