dealspapa john’s pizza: 35% off any order


If we lived on the philosophy of "boycot (insert name here) because there employee's aren't given/paid (insert object/dollar amount here", we'd have no where to purchase goods/services from. Damn near every company is like this. And, isn't it redundant argument on a deal website, where we're trying to save money, which essentially takes away (more) potential profit from the company?

Also, this deal sucks if you plan on ordering today..... NFL50 yields 50% off regular priced orders, valid today only


@bigray57: The CEO of Papa John's is a goddamned HERO. I'm sorry if there are still some doe-eyed adolescents who cling to the absurd fantasy that the Affordable Care Act is, somehow, a thing with no economic consequence; even if one supports the Act, that idea is utterly divorced from reality. I praise Papa John for being willing to take the PR hit to point this out; if I ate pizza regularly, I would get it from there all the time.

Eduardo Saverin had the right idea, kids.


@swader: Excellent comment. Totally, completely agreed. And thanks for the 50% off tip!!


Give the 35% to your delivery driver. He doesn't live in a castle.


@paintballove: That is an excellent suggestion. If one is GENUINELY interested in the well-being of PJ employees, that's the way to go. It may not give the feeling of attention-whoring smugness that comes with a boycott, but it's infinitely more useful.


@swader: Dude, fuck this guy. It's not a matter of boycotting because we think he is going to change his mind and pay his employees fairly. It's a matter of principle because of what his stance had been publicly. To steal a quote, "It's not about the money. It's about sending a message."


@bigray57: Get over it. Frankly, I'm sick of seeing that picture posted every time a deal comes up for Papa John's. This is a DEAL SITE, not some "crucify the owner/operator I believe to be an evil tyrant" site. Papa John's pizza is great. If you don't like it, more for me. If you don't take advantage of their deals, more pizza for me and other rational pizza lovers out there.


@leilaniandjake: You're certainly entitled to your opinion but there is no reason to curse, DUDE.


@carlosarnold: Welcome back Carlos,do you really buy pizza,do you really think PJ's is good pizza or do you like it because it's so darn cheap.


@bigray57: You are an idiot! He won't pay for their healthcare . . . YOU will. Believe me, the cost WILL show up YOUR bill. When are liberal nitwits such as you going to realize that businesses are there to make their owners money. Owners like your parents who have stocks in their retirement accounts. Maybe even you. Do you hate everyone that has come from humble beginnings like John Schnatter?

Further, many businesses are cutting employee hours to limit their exposure to the draconian one-size-fits-all mandate from the idiots in government that think like you, to wit, the idea that things mandated will be free somehow.


@bigray57: Obama-nomics are responsible for stupid ideas like printing large piles of money (which WILL cause inflation but won't provide prosperity and actually will cause more poverty), the replacement of fossil fuels by solar energy by making it "painful" (Obama's words) to use fossil fuels (won't hurt the rich like Obama but will hurt the poor) and, most pathetically, the idea that the government is responsible for prosperity.

You think you are owed something by others. You are only entitled to 3 things that others MUST give you: LIFE, LIBERTY and YOUR EARNED PROPERTY.

I am going to buy two pizzas, one for me and one for you. I'll eat both.



@gbeenie: AN ADULT! And a smart one too! Well said! Thank you!

So many !'s !



@swader: And give that 35% tip in CASH so he/she can avoid reporting it to the leech-like prosperity-killing Federal government.

I always tip my driver at least 20% I got a lousy pizza from Dominos (done with that crap for good). I made them remake it and redeliver it. I tipped the driver again just as if I had made a purchase. Was the same guy who delivered the first one. He was stunned. Made me happy! I love to give even though I have little.


@barrywilliams991: You have little? I would think an economic professor like yourself would have parlayed his excessive fount of world experience into a tidy little sum by now. Sad to hear that you're just 991 in a long line of ordinary Barry Williamses.


@barrywilliams991: Baaaaahaaaaa "I always tip MY driver" When did you buy/hire a driver? Maybe that's why you have little,all that money you saved on crap PJ pizza and printing coupons you blew on a driver.


PAPA50 will get you 50% off a large pizza if you would prefer that code, good till Jan 23 i think. i am guessing this code specifically works for large pizzas only.... I tried this code with 2 different large pizzas, and it only worked for one of them, i tried it again using two of the same, and it worked fine. Got (2) of the garden varieties and added grilled chicken and 3 cheese blend.... i think the total for both was about $15 with tax.....


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So quick question for those saying this deal is bad because there are a couple codes for 50% off A PIZZA floating around. Do I misunderstand this deal, or is it not 35% off your entire order. That includes pizza, chicken, drinks, breadsticks, extra dipping sauce, etc. If you are ordering for yourself, half off a pie or two is pretty good. But if this really is 35% off your entire order, this is an amazing deal if you want more than just pizza, and a SUPER deal if you are feeding a group.


@stile99: you understand correctly. Apparently, the great amount of douchiness and political posturing has overcome the fact that this is a deal on a deal site. To be fair, this appears to be happening on every PJ deal, but it's still annoying.


@stile99: Good call. There do seem to be 50% off pizza coupons posted for Papa John's every week (if not every day lately), not even including the coupons I seem to get in my mailbox every week... but that's a good distinction to make. Personally I only eat their pizza so it's still a no-deal for me, but you just made me remove my downvote.

Though I have no issue with people expressing their opinions, kudos to you for posting about the quality of the deal and making a good point.