dealsmargaritaville - bahamas 36-oz. frozen concoction…


Wouldn't a nice high quality blender be a better deal ?


@ceagee: It would be the exact same thing. I spent about $120 on the blender I used to make Margaritas with and it worked better than these store bought ones. I have no clue why people buy these instead of getting a blender they can use all the time. This takes up so much space to only use it once or twice a month.


Coincidentally I recently read that 'Margaritaville' is the most monetized song ever recorded, when all the related income streams are taken into account, e.g. recordings, restaurants & bars, licensed merchandise and apparel etc.
I'll keep my Kitchen Aid blender, Jimmy doesn't need my $$.


Not to mention that absolute horrid reviews that these things get. I really wanted to talk myself into buy one a couple of years ago, but it just didn't work.


Ayup. Sticking with my VMInnovations "recertified" (not really -- all they did was reset the cycle counter) Blendtec commercial blender (evidently from Starbucks).

Only has 4 buttons, but when #4 is "make frozen drink", that's all I really need....


Tried one of these and took it back. Plain Shaved ice and lime juice works much better than this crapy machine, and you don't have the huge mess to clean up after your done either.