dealsblock by mikasa ice vodka glass set for $12.00


$14.99 + $7.95 S&H at Pfaltzgraff as a deal price, MSRP listed at $43.00.,default,pd.html

A very, very nice set. If only the decanter had a little thicker bottom, it would be absolutely perfect. But I still love it (I love nice glass, also good vodka served with class occasionally.)

Set for 6 people, which is nice, no need to buy an extra decanter if one wants a set for more than four. Why are the sets usually for 4 people only? How often is it that only 4 people are at the table? Usually it's a couple, or any number upwards, but four is not prevalent, as to my observation and experience. European sets are usually for 6, often for 8 and 12.


Bet it works for tequila too! (I'll let you know!)