dealsiphone 5 10 ft. cable for $15.00 + free shipping


The offer is not yet live. It should be live at 12 AM PST (2 AM CST).


I wonder why the description carefully avoids any mention of the word "lightning". Something tells me they didn't pay Apple the licensing fees. :D


It has "(OEM)" in the title, but I can't find this anywhere on the Apple website. :??


Yeah, I'm going to trust a $650 iPhone (that'd be the US unlocked price) with a cheap discount knockoff cable.

No thanks.


Why would I spend $15.00 for a 10 ft cable that might work, when I can spend $19.00 to get a 3 ft official cable from Apple that will work. Normally size matters, but in this case I think I would feel pretty good with 36 inches and know that its gonna work when I want it to.


@profesir1: @stave177: y'all do realize that these are made by the same Chinese hands on the same Chinese assembly line that the Apple branded cords are made at, so I am betting the quality is the exact same.


@jph37: That's extremely faulty logic. Many excellent products are made in China, but so are plenty of awful ones, some of which don't even work straight out of the package. That's like saying all movies are equally good because they're all made in Hollywood.


@starblind: I'd also be curious how long can a lightning cable be and still work? Surely it won't work (or won't work nearly as well) over a certain length due to resistance. I've read somewhere that you should be good under 16 feet but I'm not sure. Anyone care to chime in?

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Actually its not like saying all movies made in Hollywood are the same it would be more like saying Panasonic and vizio have similar quality because they are made in the EXACT same plant by the EXACT same Chinese hands.


@jph37: I have a bit of experience in this area.

Made by the exact same hands? Quite possibly.

Same materials and quality? Nope.

When Apple hires a company to produce one of their products, they will provide exact specifications and approved materials.

When making the Apple branded stuff the factory tends to follow those specs. Apple checks to make sure no cheating is going on and the factories know that.

When they shift into knockoff mode, they use the same design, but to maximize profits they will make minor changes to the materials. A slightly cheaper plastic. A smaller gauge wire. Cheaper solder. What you get is something that looks like the real deal, but has minor differences that may or may not be a big deal.


Never had a problem with my knock off parts for my iPod or iPhone 4, so it is likely that I wouldn't here, either. But even $15 is too much when there are $5 to $10 ones available all over Amazon.


@jph37: As someone who has a bunch of generic 30 pin connector cables (many no longer working) I was interested in the quality of the generic lightning cables. Here is an autopsy of one cable showing the shoddy construction masking tape and injected silicone):

So I will probably buy one but won't expect a lot of quality.


@zaphod9977: That is a ridiculously one sided review. Tape being used to bundle cabling has been common for decades and the implication that there's "DRM" in the cable itself is ridiculous. There has to be a logic chip in the housing since the plug can be used two ways, similar to the situation with crossover vs. straight-through cabling. It seems they chose not to have the decision made on the side of the iPhone itself, but rather the connector. You'll notice they didn't dissect the Apple-branded one, either.