dealstri-fold shovel w/ carrying case for $9.99


Excellent price, and the size is very usable (unlike some of the others out there that are only a foot long, unfolded!). Might have to cancel my order with Sportsman's Guide for a similar shovel and get this one!


Don't bother. I ordered one of these Tri Folding Shovels (Coleman Brand) and returned it 15 minutes after opening the box. At first it looks ok, until you try to use it. A moderate amount of pressure will cause the shovel to fold into it's storage position. It will fold right over the spinning clamp on the shaft. It's a design issue that could have been fixed with a large washer during assembly.

It could be useful if you needed to move some campfire ashes around or dig through some very loose kitty litter, build a sand castle, etc. But do not rely on this in an emergency and DO NOT attempt to dig a hole in dirt with this shovel or it will break.

After returning it I bought a used US Military Tri Fold Shovel, they call it an E-Tool. The military version can withstand more pressure than I can apply without folding and I weigh over 200 lbs. $25 !!!

I know, it's a good price, and lots of you will read this and buy one anyway. Heck, I did, lol. Just be prepared to return it.


Was hoping to pick one up just to keep in the car trunk. You never know when you might have to bury someone, uh, I mean something...