deals5-in-1 multi-purpose stainless steel pocket…


Web site rejected my order for this item.


Your web site will not accept an order.


Same as above.

Failed after redirect from Paypal.
Attempted with 2 credit cards and both failed to verify.

Must just be their payment system, I've had pretty good luck with Ben's Outlet in the past (same company as 1saleaday for those who didn't know).

Paypal just sent me a receipt for the item though.
I'll have to see what happens with this...


@diannewinchester: My order went through when I posted the deal... Weird. By the way it is not MY website. Deals in this section are community generated, not posted by the vendor (mostly).


I got directed to Paypal, paid, then got forwarded to an "error" page on their end. However, I got a confirmation email from both Paypal for the purchase and for the order. I assume it went through. Everyone having difficulties, I would suggest checking your email for a possible order confirmation.